Fire crackers can cause grievous injuries: 23 accidents, 1 lesson learned in Chandigarh

The Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research recorded the highest number of patients with eye injuries this Diwali.

Written by Adil Akhzer | Chandigarh | Updated: November 3, 2016 9:10 pm
diwali, diwali injuried, diwali injuries chandigarh, india news Doctors have not disclosed the details to the patients yet nor did they share the prognosis of individual cases with the Chandigarh Newsline, except that seven of the patients will not be able to see with one eye

On the fourth floor of the Advanced Eye Centre at the Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, all the beds of two wards are occupied with patients who were brought in with eye injuries on and after Diwali. A surprising number of the 23 patients (out of 26) that CNL interviewed were adults or young adults. The youngest was 4 years old, but the oldest was 59 years old.  In many cases, patients sustained eye injuries after bursting Anar and bullet bombs. Many of them appear to have shown an alarming misjudgement of the potential dangers of firecrackers. Most now say they will never go near firecrackers again, and want the government to ban them.  Of  the 26 patients who underwent surgical procedure, two have been discharged. Most were from neighboring Haryana, Himachal and Punjab.

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The Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research recorded the highest number of patients with eye injuries this Diwali. Many of them are still unaware of the fact that they will not regain their vision. Doctors have not disclosed the details to the patients yet nor did they share the prognosis of individual cases with the Chandigarh Newsline, except that seven of the patients will not be able to see with one eye

Age: 32
Karnal, Haryana
Eye hit: Right

Vikrant said he was standing at a distance of 10-15 feet after he ignited an “Anar bomb (flowerpot-cum-bomb). “As soon I ignited the cracker, I retreated. Then something hit my eye and I couldn’t see anything,” he said. “I never knew that this tragedy will happen on this occasion. My request to the public is that we should avoid using the crackers as it brings such a huge loss to the people.”

Raj Kumar
Age: 59
Kaithal, Haryana
Eye hit: Left

Kumar was hit when he was walking in his lane where children were bursting crackers. “I am still not able to figure out what actually happened that evening. It happened so quickly that I couldn’t save myself from it,” said Kumar, a laborer. “The doctors said that I would be alright soon, but I don’t know what will happened with my eye. I am not able to see anything right now.”

Age: 10
Saharanpur, UttarPradesh
Eye hit: Right

Yash’s family members said that his friend was bursting a matka bomb, in which the cracker is attached to an upturned earthern pot. “When the matka bomb exploded, the pieces of pot hit his eye and sustained injury. Doctors have given the medicine, but we are hopeful that his eye vision is restored soon,” said Som, a family member. “Kids don’t listen. But, government should ban it so that people don’t face such accidents.”

Mahinder Singh
Age: 35
Mansa, Punjab
Eye hit: Left

Singh was bursting crackers alongwith other family members, when his eye was hit. He doesn’t know the name of the cracker, but says it costs around Rupees 2-3 and is like a “small round cell” (of the kind used in watches). “When I threw it in the air, it suddenly exploded in no time my eye was injured,” he said. “There was bleeding in my eye.”

He has already undergone one surgery “I am happy that the crackers didn’t hit my children,” said Singh. He adds, “Lets stop the use of crackers on such occasion. Because it only causes damage and no happiness.”

Rajesh Kumar
Age: 37
Eye hit: Left

He says that he was bursting rassi bomb manufactured at a local factory. “I was standing around 10 feet away. Soon after it exploded, something exploded from the bomb and entered my eyes,” he said. “ I realized something has hit my eye after blood was coming out.” He too has advice for the general public. “It was a celebration and it turned out to be a suffering for all of us who are admitted here. I am not going to burst crackers again,” said Kumar.

Age: 25
Bilaspur, Himachal Pradesh
Eye hit: Right

She was not bursting crackers, but became a victim while she was watching others burst bombs, from her balcony in the first floor of her house. “A rocket came from somewhere and it hit her eyes,” said Ajay Thakur, brother of the victim. “We brought her to PGI and one surgery has been conducted by the doctors here.”

Anu told the Chandigarh Newsline that bursting of crackers doesn’t bring any happiness to the people. “Other than causing such a huge damage, it result to pollution. Why government is allowing such a thing which bring harm to people.”

Age: 4
Eye hit: Left

According to the family members, the victim was holding a Phooljhadi(sparkler) when a packet of bombs lying nearby caught fire. “Her eye got damaged when the bombs went off,” said the mother Kamla. She added, “I will never allow her to even touch crackers again. They have brought disaster for our family.”

Age: 38
Sangrur, Punjab
Eye hit: Right

He was trying to convince his children to finish the cracker bursting on Diwali when he was hit by a bullet bomb. “I don’t know how I got hit. I only remember that something hot touched my eye,” he said.

Age: 11
Saharanpur, UP
Eye hit: Right

According to his mother, he was walking in his village when a rocket hit his eye. “He was not himself bursting any crackers. It was a rocket which came from somewhere and hit him.He is not able to see anything,” said the mother Poonam.

Vikram Singh
Age: 35
Kurukshetra, Haryana
Eye hit: Left

After lighting an anar bomb, he waited for the sparkling display, but none came. He went near it to check. “It suddenly exploded without the sparkle. My eye started bleeding immediately. We visited a hospital in Ambala for treatment and they referred us to PGI,” said Singh. He said that the cracker was made in China.

Age: 17
Eye hit: Left

He said that he was bursting a bullet bomb, when the incident happened the day after Diwali. “ I was waiting for the bomb to explode. It did not, so I went near it to check. It suddenly exploded and hit my eye. I am not able to see anything from my eye right now,” said Karu.


Age: 5
Eye hit: Left

Mother of this victim said that the incident happened on Monday morning when her little giril threw a small bomb into a gas stove and was waiting nearby to see when it would explode. “When it burst, it immediately hit her eye and she started bleeding,” she said.

Age: 18
Baddi, Himachal Pradesh
Eye hit: Left

Raj, who is the cousin of the victim said that Rakesh was standing close to a bullet bomb after ingiting it. The bomb exploded quickly. “It happened very fast and his eye got hit,” he said. Rakesh said he after the crackers hit his eye, he did not know what happened afterwards.

Age: 11
Ambala, Haryana
Eye hit: Right

His eye was hit by a bullet bomb which he was holding as he lit it. “He was holding it in his hand, and it suddenly exploded and the material which was inside the bomb hit his eye,” said a family member. “Our only request is that it should be banned forever so that no one gets blind.”

Age: 11
Yamunagar, Haryana
Eye hit : Left

The family member of this patient said that a bullet bomb exploded and hit his eye. “We don’t know how he got the packet of the bullet bomb,”said the mother Saroj. “I am waiting for my son to recover and be able to see again,” she said.

Eye hit: Left

“My son threw a lit bomb in the air and it hit my eye. I don’t know which bomb it was, but it was so powerful and now I am not able to see anything,” she said.

Manjit Kaur
Age: 22
Ludhiana, Punjab
Eye hit: Left

The family members said that they were trying to fire an Anar bomb, which didn’t explode immediately. “Normally, there should a sparking display. But it didn’t happened and there was an explosion and her eye was hit,” said a family member.

Satpal Kaur
Age: 35
Eye hit: Left

She was watching the bursting of crackers, and she was hit by a cracker. “The incident happened near our house,” said the husband Darshan Singh. “We don’t want that anyone should suffer like this. The government should do something for the safety of the people,” he said.

Age: 25
Muzaffarnagar, UP
Eye hit: Left

“Some people were bursting crackers and I was watching it from a distance. One of the person was holding a bomb in his hand and when it exploded it hut my eye,” said Parvind

Maninder Singh
Age: 17
Eye hit: Right

His father Satpal Singh said that his son was holding a Anar bomb which suddenly exploded and hit his eye. “They have done one operation, and god knows what will happen to his vision,” said Singh. “The state government should do something to ban these crackers. People are losing their eye and nobody is doing anything.”

Age: 13
Eye hit: Left

One of his family member said that he alongwith his friends were bursting a Handi bomb(same as matka bomb) when it exploded, hitting his eye. “There is a need of more awareness so that we don’t see such incident,” said Rajesh, a family member.

Harinder Singh
Age: 19
Ropar, Punjab
Eye hit: Left

He said that he was watching the igniting of a bomb, when it exploded and sustained injuries. “I was bursting it from a distance, when it exploded and hit my eye,” he said, and added that the cracker which caused injury was a “cylinder bomb” and it didn’t give him sufficient time to save his eyes.

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