Final Metro corridor alignment plan varies from initial model

The alignment of the proposed Metro corridors have been tweaked and finalised after bringing about changes in the initial plans.

Written by Khushboo Sandhu | Chandigarh | Published: September 11, 2012 2:30 am

The alignment of the proposed Metro corridors have been tweaked and finalised after bringing about changes in the initial plans. While one of the initial proposals was to have one of the corridors along the Purv Marg,another one had proposed a corridor along the Jan Marg crossing through Sectors 22 and 23 and Sectors 35 and 36.

The final alignment has taken care to touch the major points like the PGI,General Hospital,Sector 17 and Sector 43 bus stands and the Railway Station.

Keeping in view the heritage character of the city,the Metro corridors are proposed to be underground when the alignment reaches Panchkula,in order to save the mazar that is on the way from demolition it moves to north of the road. Corridor I or the North South corridor would originate from the Capitol Complex. It would lead southward along the median of Jan Marg along which the East West corridor passes. Sector 9 station has been proposed at Matka Chowk,the junction of Jan Marg and Madhya Marg. It would further lead towards south along the centre of Jan Marg and then turn left passing under Sector 17. The Sector 17 station has been planned under the open space close to

Neelam Theatre.

Thereafter the would align along the central verge of Himalaya Marg. Metro stations at Aroma,Sector 34 and Sector 43 would be built underground. A Switch Over Ramp (SOR) has been proposed to be built between Sector 43 and 52. The road would be widened to compensate for the space occupied by SOR. The first elevated station of this corridor would be built at Sector 52. The alignment would move forward and come on the central median of Himalaya Marg. It would then turn left and align with the road leading to Aero City. Terminal station Gurdwara Shaheeda has been proposed just after turning.

The East West corridor would originate from Transport Terminus at Mullanpur and would enter Chandigarh near Sarangpur. The alignment would move eastward following central verge of a road that has been proposed to be built at Khuda Lahora. From here it would cross Khuda Jassu and align along central verge of Madhya Marg. While before the alignment enters Madhya Marg it would be elevated,thereafter till the corridor is within the sectoral grid it would remain underground. SORs are to be built where the Metro goes from elevated to underground and then after Sector 26 where it would be elevated again. The roads along the stretches would be widened.

From Sector 26,the corridor would deviate towards the Railway Station,run through the greenbelt and then moving ahead connects with the Housing Board station. The alignment then moves towards Panchkula. After having moved straight for some distance the corridor would turn right and move towards the Panchkula Bus Stand. Crossing the road between Sector 11 and 14 it would reach Sector 20. It would cross National Highway 22 after taking a reverse curve of 200 m through a mango plantation. It would then align along the road between Sector 20 and 21. The last station Grain Market has been proposed here.

The utilities that are present on these routes would be shifted before the construction starts. These would include electricity cables,water and sewerage pipelines,telephone cables as well as streetlights.

The construction of the corridors for the Metro Rail in the city would require widening of some stretches of roads. The Detailed Project Report prepared by Delhi Rail Metro Corporation has identified some stretches of roads where the two corridors are to be constructed that would require widening. Diversion of traffic on certain stretches as well as shifting of utilities would also be done.

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