Didn’t get the ticket on a platter… will continue to spend time in city: Panag

Gul Panag Gul Panag

Gul Panag, the Aam Aadmi Party candidate, is not going to quit Chandigarh after losing the election.

“I did not get the ticket on a platter. It was a conscious decision for me to contest. I will continue to spend time in Chandigarh and work here. It is important that we consolidate the gains that we made in the city as well as in Punjab and Delhi. I will continue with my work through Col Shamsher Singh Foundation,” said Panag.

The party polled 1.08 lakh votes in its electoral debut in the city, making it a triangular contest. Col Shamsher Singh Foundation, which is run by Panag’s family, works for the welfare of the girl child.
Panag said she was grateful to the people of Chandigarh as every fourth voter voted for her. “In half the rounds, we were ahead of the Congress despite not having the kind of money power or the muscle power that the party had. AAP will now continue to grow further,” she said.

The AAP led in some booths in Indira Colony, Khuda Alisher village, Ramdarbar, and Sectors 52, 61, 50, 36, 54, 56, 34 and 20. In most of the booths in Sector 25 that comprises colonies, it was the AAP that was leading.

Panag said that there was a clear BJP wave in what became a presidential-style election. She said that the party would now start work towards filling the void that the Congress had created. “The party is barely two years old. Still we got a lot of support. The BJP made its electoral debut in 1984 and it has taken the party so many years to get the resounding mandate from the people it has got now. Our focus now will be on the Vidhan Sabha elections,” she said.