Court convicts uncle of siblings’ murder

2011 murder: Quantum of sentence on Feb 15.

Chandigarh | Published: February 12, 2014 5:29:05 am
Kavita Sahu and Gaurang Sahu Kavita Sahu and Gaurang Sahu

More than two years after the murder of siblings Gaurang Sahu, 15, and Kavita Sahu, 17, whose bodies were found at their residence in Sector 41, a local court here on Tuesday convicted their distant maternal uncle of murder.

However, the quantum of sentence will be pronounced by the court on February 15.

The two were found murdered at their residence on December 16, 2011. The Crime Branch of Chandigarh Police had arrested Rahul, 29, on January 18, 2012, from Ambala.

According to the prosecution, Rahul murdered the two siblings as he wanted to get intimate with Kavita, which she had strongly objected to.

During interrogation, he admitted that he was eyeing Kavita and had even tried to molest her on a few occasions, including at a wedding of their cousin on November 20, 2011. Rahul told the police he had tried to make advances to Kavita, but she had strongly resisted the same and had warned him that she would complain to her family. Rahul immediately left their house and did not even attend the wedding. The accused started nursing a grudge since that day and wanted to take revenge, according to the police.

On the day of the murder, Gaurang asked Rahul to leave the house as Kavita had told him about his intentions. Rahul tried to give justifications which led to a heated argument between the two and after a while Rahul took out a knife and allegedly repeatedly stabbed Gaurang.

According to the police, during this period, Kavita was in her bedroom. Rahul then came to Kavita’s room and tried to get physical with her but she resisted. As she tried to raise her voice, he killed her too. He suffered a cut on the ring finger of his left hand. The accused tried to project the incident as a robbery by scattering the household articles in order to mislead the police. He then hired an auto to ISBT-43 from where he took a bus to go to a Dera near Yamuna Nagar in Haryana. He stayed there for four days and then moved to several places to evade arrest.

In his statement given to the court on December 6, 2013, Rahul said that he was falsely implicated in the case. He was arrested from Mumbai by a police team led by Inspector Amanjot Singh and was brought to Chandigarh by air but the arrest was wrongly shown to be from a place near Nariangarh, Haryana. While deposing before the court, Rahul also said that he never visited any doctor for the treatment of his finger that was reportedly injured while committing the crime.

Father doubts police theory, says Rahul alone couldn’t have killed son

(Shishir Tripathi)

Objecting to the motive cited by the police behind the murder of siblings Gaurang and Kavita, the father of the deceased said he strongly objected and doubted two things that the police investigation revealed.

“First, we cannot believe that only Rahul was involved in the murder. He possibly could not have killed my son alone as he was well-built. I am certain that there were other people involved in the murder of our children but we do not know why the police shielded them,” said Umesh Kumar, father of the deceased.

He added, “We were extremely hurt about the motive cited by the police for murder. Rahul barely used to visit our home, and the police, for reasons best known to them, cooked up the story which only maligned the image of my deceased daughter.”

Talking to Newsline, Malti Devi, mother of the deceased, said: “Rahul not only killed my children but my reason to live. Nobody can even imagine how we have been coping up with the loss. My daughter wanted to be a doctor and my son an engineer. It was their dream but I used to live it. With them all my dreams have died.”

She added, “I want that this person who took all the happiness of our life should be hanged. He should be given death punishment.”

Recounting the day when the incident happened, Malti Devi said, “There was a seminar at my school and after attending that when I came back, I saw the doors of the house open. When I went inside I saw my daughter lying lifeless on the bed. I do not know how I stood having witnessed that. Since then that image haunts me and I have spent many sleepless nights just thinking about my children.”

Jagan Nath, maternal uncle of the deceased, said, “I have seen my sister and brother-in-law suffering. It was difficult for her to accept the brutal end of her children. Rahul should be given strictest punishment possible for causing so much agony and pain to the family.”

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