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City doctor’s new book lists ways to defeat hypertension

Dr Sarvinder Gandhok with his book in Chandigarh on Tuesday. (Jasbir Malhi) Dr Sarvinder Gandhok with his book in Chandigarh on Tuesday. (Jasbir Malhi)
By: Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published on:May 7, 2014 2:03 am

Did you know increased blood pressure is a high-risk condition that causes approximately 51 per cent deaths from stroke or paralysis and 45 per cent from coronary artery or heart disease in India? Nearly 25 per cent Indian adults in cities suffer from hypertension. “With over 139 million patients, India accounts for 15 per cent of the world’s uncontrolled hypertension patients. This will make India the world capital of hypertension in a few years,” said Dr Sarvinder Gandhok, a physician and child specialist from the city.

Startled by the increasing number of hypertensive patients on high doses of medication who came to him, Dr Gandhok came up with a book that lists ways to win over hypertension. “Hypertension or high blood pressure is one of the most common lifestyle diseases. It is frustrating sometimes to see the lack of knowledge and awareness about common diseases and their complications,” the doctor remarked.

The book ‘Winning Over Hypertension’ was launched in the city on Tuesday with the World Hypertension Day, which is observed on May 16, in the backdrop. On the occasion, Dr Gandhok stressed on the need to spread awareness about the disease and emphasised that in more than 90 percent cases, hypertension can be cured without medication  through simple lifestyle changes.

Third in a series of books, ‘Winning Over Hypertension’ follows ‘Winning Over Diabetes’ and ‘Winning Over Obesity’. It lists out the basics about the problem and ways to manage it in an easy way. “The aim of writing this book is to spread awareness so that no patient suffers from any complications because of lack of knowledge,” said Dr Gandhok.

The book has been designed like a handbook and answers common queries in simple language. It includes a section on how one can use yoga as well as a list of lifestyle and home remedies to reduce blood pressure. “Even a small reduction of sodium in your diet can reduce blood pressure. In India, 40 per cent of men and 50 per cent of women have low Vitamin-D levels. which puts them at a risk of coronary artery disease,” explained the doctor who recommends daily intake of garlic to reduce bad cholesterol.

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