Senior Karnataka IPS officer booked for clicking ‘obscene pictures’ of women

Police have also seized the mobile phone used to click the images.

By: Express News Service | Bangalore | Updated: May 28, 2014 10:07 pm

A senior IPS officer in Karnataka has been booked by the Bangalore police for allegedly clicking ‘obscene pictures’ of two young women at a cafe-restaurant on the Cunningham Road. The officer was arrested after an FIR was filed by one of the women.

Police have registered a case of assault of a woman with intent to outrage her modesty and criminal intimidation against the IPS officer who was not named in the FIR but has been identified as the Additional Director General of Police (ADGP) of the Karnataka State Reserve Police Dr P Ravindranath.

Police have also seized the mobile phone used to click the images.

The police officer has claimed that it was an unidentified person present at the cafe on Monday morning who grabbed his cellphone while it was lying unattended and clicked the pictures of the women – one of whom is a freelance journalist. Dr Ravindranath, 50, has alleged that some of his colleagues in the police department have carried out a conspiracy to frame him in the matter.

The High Grounds police has registered a case under sections 354 and 506 of IPC against the IPS officer for taking ‘obscene pictures.’ The case has been transferred to the jurisdictional Cubbon Park police for further investigation.

The victim in her complaint has said that she and her cousin were at the cafe when they found a person sitting next to them staring and taking photos of them.

“I asked him to show the phone. He said sorry and tried to run out of the cafe. My cousin was manhandled by him when she tried to snatch his mobile. Another customer Sridhar who was sitting on the first floor of the cafe came out to help. We got the phone and saw that there were two obscene photos of me that he had taken. The man tried to escape. We noticed a Hoysala vehicle outside and called them to take him to the police station,” the victim has stated in her complaint.

After the phone with the photographs was handed over to the police, the officer, according to the complaint, asked the victim if she knew who he was. He allegedly threatened her saying, “I will take care of you”. “During the incident we had came to know that he had an identity card of the police department,” the victim said in her complaint.

The IPS officer on Tuesday went back to the cafe in plain clothes, without his official car, and claimed before the media that he had been framed in the case by someone who grabbed his phone and clicked the pictures.

He broke into tears before some media persons and claimed that he had visited the cafe on a working day since he had been in the vicinity to collect a medical report that was required to be furnished for his Annual Confidential Report (ACR).

He alleged that there was a larger conspiracy in the matter. “Somebody is behind this. The sub-inspector of the High Grounds police station is supporting them. He removed my spectacles even though I told him that I am a ADGP. He threatened to book a case against me under section 354 of the IPC and he did it on Tuesday,” Ravindranath alleged.

Meanwhile, the city police said that the mobile phone seized from Ravindranath had been sent to the Forensic Science Lab (FSL) for scientific analysis. “We are waiting the FSL report to take action against Ravindranath in the case. We have found that the CCTV cameras of the cafe were not working properly when the incident took place,” a senior police officer said.

High-level probe ordered

Home Minister KJ George has ordered a high-level probe into the case. George met senior police officers at Vikasa Soudha on Tuesday evening before ordering the probe.

The accused officer will not be asked to resign, he said. “A decision will be taken once the probe has been completed and the report sent to the home department,” George said.

Ravindranath, meanwhile, claimed that he had already tendered his resignation to the DG & IGP Lalrokhuma Pachaua. “I am ready to face any kind of probe against me,” he said.

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    Prathap Valiavalappil V P
    May 29, 2014 at 5:52 am
    KSRP men hit streets in support of Karnataka cop RavindranthThe Times of India·9 hrs ago
  2. P
    Prathap Valiavalappil V P
    May 29, 2014 at 5:49 am
    Why don't you get a first hand information from him and give equal heritage to his contention also with out insulting him publicly...
  3. M
    Mens Rights
    May 29, 2014 at 5:54 am
    These women centric laws are the root cause of these problems. These two girls claim that he took obscene pictures of theirs. That means that the girls were dressed themselves in semi-nude or obscenely which itself is an act of violation of the laws. The laws of public decency and obscenity have to be invoked now! Our society needs to grow. If we really mean gender equality, let the laws be gender neutral and not pro-women.
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    May 30, 2014 at 12:21 pm
    Dear EverybodyWe Need to Support Honest Persons around US.Possible Govt,Media,Every Common People all Need to Support Good Officers if not one day no one want to be good and no good officer will be there to save our Country.We Common people dont know reality in high officials politics and jealous nature. In this ADGP DrRavindrnath case may many incidents involved mainly he is Tough Cop Never Care any Politicians Strict with every one and got many Awards even Got President Award too and this Gentleman ADGP having future very good promotions all his Positive Qualities may made some corrupt officials eye Red.Also we need to Keep in mind why these many peoples are supporting every one are supporting him for his honest official image and his good administration qualities. Even iam also dont know him personally.Now day’s ordinary small level corrupt officers are eating so much of common people money and doing lot of favorism in administration this person is honest & perfect with personally silent hearted Person. As Possible every one need to support good officersaround us.Shame on Present Karnataka Govt for not able to Support Honest Officer like Dr Ravindhrnath.Strange and horrible thing is-- in Karnataka Police Stations are Manhandling one of senior officer in such way means what about Common Man Position here.If same thing happens with any other Senior Corrupt Lobby dealing Officers, Home Minster & CM family Members Surely that careless SI was already suspended.But what to do Dr Ravindernath dont Have Political Back Ground and dont know how to do lobbying. By so much of hurt &insult he needs to think of resign from irresponsible non supportive seniors. But don’t worry brother Dr Ravindernath, W Karnataka & Country Honest Ppl are seeing this Govt Drama and all are with you good & great officer.Dear Honorable Home Minister of Karnataka.We heard and also know our Present Home Minister is very Sensible and Good Person but we people of Karnataka are not getting why you’re not acting properly why you’re sauarding some people in ADGP Dr Ravindrnath Case.Possible Govt,Media,Every Common People all Need to Support Good Officers if not one day no one want to be good and no good officer will be there to save our Country.If Your Govt People have little responsibility First Dont accept Dr Ravindernath resignation and call him as a seniors or big brothers order/convince him to take back his resignation or tare that Paper.By this you People can win Common people heart it surely uphold the good officers morality in their critical situation. Also keeping him in service give good mage to all Good Officers as If we are Honest Govt will be with Us also it is necessary for the welfare of all Future every honest officers and their family members and supporters. If not in future any officer dont want to work Honest and responsible.Even your also a Good Person Like that ADGP even you to travel with own vehicle without your ID card at that time something some small incident/ fault happened with you at that time one SI come and take you and without enquiry/ FIR Kept you Behind the bar means what will be your Practical Reaction. (Truth is you fight for Justice and Honour)Also we need to keep in mind supporters are supporting him for his honest official image and his good administration qualities. Even you’re also made name as good minister if something wrong thing happen surely people voluntary support.Here KSRP Police wings and others are supporting him as because of who all know he is good person. So as a leaders and Chief of the Dept/Govt it need to act as early as possible but you people are neglected as thinking of no one is there behind that Honest Officers.It was so simple as you transferred accused ADGP in the same way you was suspended that SI and transferred acused Commissioner & DCP. Any way its Late at least Please act fast take matter seriously before Central Govt Intervention..We Common People of Karnataka are Request and Demand to Govt.1] Pls Stop supporting Bangalore Commissioner & Hissupporter Staffs. (Every day this Commissioner giving different statementmight he involved- Even he is not appointed by any elected Govt)2] Strange is- While ADGP is doing his duty honestly still Govt be in hurry to Transfers him from KSRP,3] Is just because of this small allegation/Complaint against him? OR ...4] Very Strange is still Govt not sacked that SI- For misusing his Power{For supporting ADGP’s Mobile/PurseRobberd Person, Mainly for putting (ADGP) in Lockup for small reason evenWithout enquiry/FIR, also intentionally misbehaving with Senior Officer by allthese} grounds he should be suspended.5] If Govt wanted to do pure investigation:- Govt should Transfer Commissioner & DCP. - Mainly to stop these officers influence on the witnesses (All are coming aboveofficers direct Jurisdiction.), Especially Cafe Staff and Police Constables/HConst/ ASI of that manhandled Police Station.If This Govt want to have Clean Image and Truly willing to Investigate this case in right Manner-- First Govt Should Suspend that SI for misusing His Power Also Transfer and Send on Leave these Commissioner Auradhkar & DCP RavikantheGowda. If not give case to CBI.Then only Govt Can give true Justice to Every One.With RegardsPRAMANIKARA HITHA RAKSHANA VEShimogga, Bangalore.
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    Jun 4, 2014 at 8:25 am
    Whatz wrong with this editor.... why you people are removing Comments.
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    Sukumar Sukumar
    May 29, 2014 at 3:00 pm
    Bravo.. sub-inspector of the High Grounds police station!!!!!!!, thatz what a COP should be.
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