VMC plans spiral walkway for Kamatibaug garden

Vadodara | Published:January 11, 2014 4:44 am
Gurdev Singh of Navrachna University has designed the harp-shaped bridge for Kamatibaug garden.  (IE Photo: Bhupendra Rana) Gurdev Singh of Navrachna University has designed the harp-shaped bridge for Kamatibaug garden. (IE Photo: Bhupendra Rana)

The iconic Kamatibaug garden in Vadodara will soon be known for another exemplary structure.
The garden, which once had a magnificent cable suspension bridge — an engineering marvel of its time, built and gifted by Maharaja Sayajirao Gaekwad III in the 18th century, will now get a new hanging bridge.
The bridge, which is said to be a challenge for engineers, will include a spiral walkway as well as automated sensors to control its load bearing.
The Vadodara Municipal Corporation (VMC) has finalised one of the four designs presented by Professor Gurudev Singh of Navrachna University, who is an expert in design methodologies of light weight structures as well as environmentally sustainable architecture. The suspension bridge will span over a distance of 80 metres to connect Kamatibaug garden and the zoo.
According to Professor Singh, the model has been created in the shape of the musical instrument, harp and each of the strings holding the bridge will need to be controlled via sensors to keep it stable.
“The design has been created to respect the original traditional tension bridge that stood in the garden, but includes contemporary technology and innovation. The sensor at each point on the bridge will be able to tell the load and help the control room maintain the light weight bridge,” Singh said.
Singh was supported by a team of his students to create the design of the new bridge.
“Usually a bridge is straight and we never turn back to see what we have left behind at the other end. We decided to have a spiral walkway from the garden end so that the walkers would be able to get a panoramic view of the garden one more time before heading to the other end,” he said.
The bridge will be made of stainless steel and have solar panels at both ends to light it. The width of the walkway floor will be 3.5 metres and will be made of either laminated timber or galvanized metal.
The tenders will be floated before January 26 and a thorough soil analysis will be conducted soon. VMC Commissioner Manish Bharadwaj said that the total cost of the project would be about Rs 5 crore. “We are planning to approach engineering giants associated with the city and request them to carry out this project as it requires extreme precision work. We will fund the entire project through the grants received from the state government for the development of parks and gardens,” he said.

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