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Visitors at Kamatibaugh ‘awestruck’ by black swan with bumblefoot

The black swan inside Kamatibaug. (Bhupendra Rana) The black swan inside Kamatibaug. (Bhupendra Rana)
Written by Aditi Raja | Vadodara | Updated: May 11, 2014 6:23 am

A red-beaked black swan seen standing solely on its right foot makes for a pretty sight for most visitors at the recently renovated duck pond inside the Kamatibaug garden. But little do these people, crowding to get a glimpse of this “stylish-looking” swan, know that the bird has been holding up its left leg for over seven days now, due to a condition called “bumblefoot”, a bacterial infection that causes inflammation and lumps on the feet of the swan.

While zoo authorities remain oblivious to the ailment of this water bird, zoologists blame the faulty design of the duck pond for the disease.
For over a week now, the red-beaked black swan, which is part of the duck pond has been unable to set its left foot on the ground because of a lump on the pad of the foot.

A biologist teaching at MSU, says, “I have seen the duck pond, located inside the Kamatibaug garden with the concrete paver blocked dry area around it. It certainly makes it difficult for ducks and swans to live when they are not in water. The corporation ought to have considered their natural requirements instead of simply stressing on the beautification aspect. Also, the height of the curb that they have to climb to get to dry land is extremely uncomfortable.”

Although the zoo staff claim they have intimated  zoo in-charge Dr C B Patel of the bird’s condition, he denies any knowledge of it.

First Published on: May 11, 20144:44 am
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