Seven new Swine flu deaths, toll 88

The total number of cases in the state, so far has reached 831.

By: Express News Service | Ahmedabad | Published: February 10, 2015 4:23 am

Seven new Swine flu deaths were reported in Gujarat on Monday. With this, the total death toll from January 1 has reached 88. A total of 87 new cases were recorded from across the state with highest number of 21 cases reported from Ahmedabad followed by 20 from Kutch. Vadodara and Surat too witnessed 10 and 9 new cases in a single day, respectively while Gandhinagar reported 6 new cases. The total number of cases in the state, so far has reached 831.

Sounding an alert of swine flu deaths and increasing number of cases reported from the state since beginning of this year in Delhi, the Union Health Minister J P Nadda is scheduled to visit Gandhinagar on Tuesday and review the situation himself.

Confirming this, State Health Commissioner J P Gupta said the minister would hold a review meeting with senior officials of the health department in Gandhinagar at 4 pm. State Health Minister Nitin Patel and the Minister of State for Health Shankar Chaudhary are also expected to attend the meeting. The Minister would land at Ahmedabad airport on Monday night itself.

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As per the state health department data released on Monday, among the seven deaths reported, while none was reported from Ahmedabad or Kutch, one death each was reported from Vadodara, Anand, Gandhinagar, Junagadh, Patan, Aravalli and Morbi.

However, the data released by the SSG Hospital in Vadodara declared two deaths, taking the death toll due to H1N1 in Vadodara to 14 on Monday. On Monday morning, Shiva Parmar, (66), a resident of Sama succumbing to the virus at Metro Hospital here. Another death was recorded from SSG Hospital when Rekha Harijan (21) expired after being admitted to the hospital on Sunday evening. She was seven months’ pregnant.

IEC activity kicked off in AMC schools
In order to spread Swine flu awareness in schools, the health department of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation kicked off an IEC activity at each municipal school on Monday. The AMC opposition leader Baddrudin Sheikh demanded to declare vacations in the municipal schools.

Door-to-door survey in Kutch
District collector of Kutch, Mahendra Patel and chief health officer Dr Satish Makwana addressed 943 schools and 465 villages through videoconferencing to spread the word about Swine flu even as health officials conducted a door-to-door survey in 78 villages.

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