NPCIL board comes up with rehab offer for land owners

The total estimated cost of the proposed project is around Rs 60,000 crore.

Written by Parimal A Dabhi | Gandhinagar | Published: September 1, 2014 4:16 am

The executive board of Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited (NPCIL) which is coming up with a 6,000 MW nuclear power project near Mithi Virdi in Bhavnagar district has given its approval to the Rehabilitation & Resettlement (R&R) Package to be awarded to the project affected people. The R&R Package, sources said, is on the lines of the new Land Acquisition, Resettlement and Rehabilitation Act, 2013 and project authorities are likely to place it before the Gujarat government for its final approval.

Highly placed sources said that the R&R group of NPCIL has prepared a Draft R&R Package for the people to be displaced due to the project. Though, details of this package are not known, sources said, it is based on the new Land Acquisition Act. This package was placed before the executive board of NPCIL a few days back and the board has given its clearance to the same. Now, the R&R Package is likely to be placed before the Gujarat government for its sanction and final approval.

Following the N-Deal between India and United States during the tenure of previous UPA-II Government, the NPCIL has proposed an N-power project in Mithi Virdi village. The project authorities have proposed to acquire 777 hectares of land from around 340 agricultural land owners of Bhavnagar district. And discontent is brewing against the project among the farmers whose land might be acquired for the project.

Having six nuclear reactors with power generation capacity of 1,000 MW each, the total estimated cost of the proposed project is around Rs 60,000 crore.

Right from the beginning when the project was first proposed it has witnessed opposition from the local villagers and environment activists on several grounds. The environment activists are opposing it on the grounds of safety and security of villagers and environment owing to possible radiation. They cite disasters like 2011 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster of Japan after the plant was hit by a tsunami.

The villagers are opposing the project as they don’t want to part with their fertile land for the project. They have been regularly opposing the proposed acquisition of their land for the project.

Earlier this month, the villagers of Mithi Virdi, Jasapara, Khadarpar and Mandva – the four villages to be affected – had held a public meeting and took a vow to protect environment and not to part with their land for the project.

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  1. Alsikhali Rama
    Sep 1, 2014 at 3:05 pm
    To prevent yet another Bhopal and another Chernobyl and ishima, farmers whose lands are in the path of the proposed nuclear plant are acting to stop the project, its nuclear poison and its m displacement. The farmers said they will not allow the nuclear power plant to come up here in the area.
    1. Aazar Kund
      Sep 1, 2014 at 4:23 pm
      Yet none speaks about mive corruption in NPCIL. Nuclear lobby in India is moving ahead of time and space because high investment in nuclear sector can easily fill their pockets. On the other hand people are protesting against nuclear power plants but yet government has been unable to remove public fears. Public concerns are based on genuine issues and government is reluctant to figure out.
      1. A
        Sep 2, 2014 at 5:46 am
        But what about the environment degradation caused by the fossil fuel consuming power plants. I agree that grabbing poor farmer's lands is not a solution, but we do need them to satisfy our country's demands of power. Proper regulatory checks should be put in place and safety should be of prime importance
        1. Sajal Liza
          Sep 1, 2014 at 9:16 am
          It reflects that residents have no rights on their own home land and theGovernment has the full authority. There is a strong opposition on nuclearpower plants build up in various villages of India which sometimes turned towardsthe aggressive direction. It is known fact that nuclear would contaminate the fertileland and also affect the eco system of terrains too. Government has so far noanswer to any humanitarian concerns and kept on building nuclear power plants.
          1. M
            Manjeet singh
            Sep 1, 2014 at 6:06 pm
            Indian nuclear industry now is full of covert operations and corruption; protesters were sabotaged before on raising their voice against the bigger nuclear plant project. Now, the government is taking their lands, it will further take away their sources of income.
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