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Modi’s 3D avatar a hit in Jasdan

Narendra Modi addresses a meeting through a ‘3D show’ in Ahmedabad on Friday. (Bhavesh Ravat) Narendra Modi addresses a meeting through a ‘3D show’ in Ahmedabad on Friday. (Bhavesh Ravat)
Written by Gopal B Kateshiya | Jasdan (rajkot) | Published on:April 12, 2014 3:07 am

The atmosphere at Vela Chhayani ground in Jasdan resembled a drive-in theatre as youth of this small town thronged the venue and enjoyed the “3D show” of Narendra Modi on Friday evening.

Jasdan was the only rural venue in Gujarat where Modi addressed the audience through 3D hologram technology along with 100 other places across the country.

Curious children had started surveying the ground as they noticed the unusual screen since afternoon. As the sun set, motorbikes started roaring in. Most of the youth preferred to listen to Modi by sitting on their bike rather than joining others sitting on the mat.

As Modi went on with his speech, the audience seemed to engrossed. Murmurs were scarce and everybody seemed to be listening with rapt attention. However, the only time they clapped was when Modi said that even “chaiwalas” could earn if tourism grew in the country.

The show was to take place on April 7 but was cancelled at the last moment due to “technical snag”. So, the gathering of around 1,000 was less than the local BJP leaders expected. “But the turnout is quite heartening. And I’m sure everybody has come here since it is a Modi meeting. Otherwise, workers struggle to gather people during visits of other leaders to the town,” said Bharat Boghra, former BJP MLA from Jasdan.

“I want Modi to become the next prime minister so that we get better roads and enough drinking water in Jasdan. I’ll cast my vote for the first time and it will go to Modi,” said Vrajesh Joshi, an undergraduate student, who came to the ground with his two friends to listen to the CM.

Mansukh Desai, a local businessman, said, “My daughter-in-law Bina and my daughter have become big Modi fans by watching him on TV. So they are here to listen him.”

He said that he was unable to figure why BJP had failed to win Jasdan Assembly seat repeatedly. Except the bypolls of 2009, Congress has maintained a stranglehold over the seat for almost two decades and Kunvarji Bavaliya having won it four times in a row.

Incidentally, Bavaliya is now the sitting MP from Rajkot Lok Sabha seat and Congress has re-nominated him for the April 30 general elections.

Modi had addressed two meetings via the 3D technology in Jasdan during 2012 Assembly elections.

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