IIT-Gn to send 8 students to Chicago for internship

Barely a month after IIT-Gandhinagar concretised an opportunity for a student to intern at the Johns Hopkins University in the US...

Written by Adam Halliday | Ahmedabad | Published: September 29, 2009 1:20:02 am

Barely a month after IIT-Gandhinagar concretised an opportunity for a student to intern at the Johns Hopkins University in the US,it will send eight more students to intern with the Chicago-based international product certification firm Underwriter’s Laboratories Inc.

The lookout for internships is part of the institute’s plan to send half of its students to universities and firms abroad and the other half to major companies within the country.

Being a young institute,IIT-Gandhinagar is throwing its institutional might to find places to intern for its students.

Professor Urjit A Yajnik,Dean of Academic Affairs and Student Affairs at IIT-Gandhinagar,said,“Students in the older IITs can manage on their own because they have the brand of these huge institutions backing them,but for our students it’s not so easy.”

Newsline had earlier reported that one or two students from IIT-Gn might intern at Johns Hopkins,following a visit by a professor from there last month. This Tuesday,Pravinray D Gandhi,Director of Corporate Research,Underwriters Laboratories Inc,will visit the Chandkheda campus with a delegation to deliver a lecture on “fire-protection engineering.”

Underwriters Laboratories Inc provides safety and quality certification to products that pass standards fixed by the US’s regulatory agency OSHA. Till date,UL certifications can be seen on over three million products.

Though Johns Hopkins University and Underwriters Laboratories Inc are the two confirmed internship destinations so far,IIT-Gn Director Professor Sudhir Jain is optimistic about more such collaborations.

He added that the internships will not be free foreign trips for the students,but rather they will have to earn them through sheer merit and work.

“We have turned the UL internship opportunity as a competition for the students. They will work on projects to help solve India’s fire safety problems and eight students with the best ideas and projects will get to intern in Chicago next summer. These internships are not going to be free trips abroad. Students are going to have to work very hard for them,” he said.

With a total of 90 second-year students,the move means internships for 10 per cent students have been more or less secured.

Director to utilise official US trip to soft-sell institute

Prof Jain,who returned from a tour of the US on Monday,said the trip was used to partly “soft-sell” the institute. Prof Jain had gone for a conference and stayed back for some more days to visit three institutes — the technology institutes of Stanford University,California Institute of Technology (CALTECH),and the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) — to acquaint them about IIT-Gandhinagar.

“I delivered lectures to PhD and post-doctoral students on what we at IIT-Gandhinagar are up to. The aim was to pitch across the idea that they can come back once they finish their studies and apply for a teaching job at IIT-Gandhinagar,” he said.

He added he will continue “taking advantage of being a small institute” and will visit a few more universities when he goes on a trip to the US again early next month.

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