After quitting BJP, Chavda plans rally to seek public opinion

The former BJP Koli leader, Manubhai Chavda, who quit the party on Thursday, has decided to take out a “Garib Chetna Yatra” rally from Umargaon to Ambaji and from Bhuj to Bhavnagar in the coming week.

Chavda said, “When Dr Baba Saheb Ambedkar was not given ticket from Congress, he took out a rally across the country and took opinions from people mostly SC, ST, tribals, and other backward classes about what should be his future step.”

“I am also following in the footsteps of our great leader and definitely I will get answer from public. I will also take permission from the Election Commission about the rally. I have not decided to join any political party right now,” he further said.

Chavda and his supporters have started contacting their known persons in different talukas and district to spread awareness about the Garib Chetna Yatra.

At night halts in villages, he would speak to the people about their issues. “I will ask questions to the people about what should be done if you are sidelined and nobody thinks for the interest of the poor.

After taking answers from the public, I will act accordingly. At present, I have not made any decision to fight the elections, but I am waiting to get answers from people.”

Chavda had apparently claimed BJP a ticket from Bhavnagar constituency and when denied he quit the party. “The party has till now not given me any ticket. I have worked for the backward communities in BJP,” he said.