The numbers story: Having a Ph.D as your MP does not improve literacy rates. Here is why

Out of the 543 MPs in Parliament, 149 of them are post graduates and 25 members hold doctorates.

Written by Leela Prasad | New Delhi | Updated: January 30, 2015 3:29:53 pm

Out of the 543 MPs in Parliament, 149 are post graduates, while 25 hold doctorates. A small number of MPs, 28 to be precise, have not graduated from either high school or college. And 30 MPs have just finished matriculation.

The chart below shows a comparison of MPs who are matriculates, dropouts Ph.Ds with average literacy rates in their constituencies.

The averages of the above data suggest that the literacy rates in constituencies of MPs who dropped out before graduating, are marginally better off than MPs who hold doctorates and those who finished matriculation.

The above data shows the educational qualification of minister as well as the literacy rates in their respective constituencies.

Disclaimer: The graphs above do not contain numbers from the 15th Lok Sabha Winter Session. All figures were provide by PRS Legislative, ADR and Indicus.

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