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PM Narendra Modi to launch ‘Skill India’ on July 15

About one lakh letters of employment would also be given on the day to students who have successfully completed their skilling courses.

By: ENS Economic Bureau | New Delhi | Published: July 14, 2015 1:41 am
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Prime Minister Narendra Modi is set to launch the Skill India mission on World Youth Skills Day — July 15 that aims to converge and monitor skill development schemes across the country as well as provide subsidised loans to students for vocational training.

“The Prime Minister will formally launch the National Skill Development Mission, unveil the new National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship 2015, and roll out on all-India basis, the ministry’s flagship scheme Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Vikas Yojana (PMKVY),” said Rajiv Pratap Rudy, Minister of State for skill development and entrepreneurship on Monday.

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The event, expected to be on the lines of the ‘Shrameva Jayate’ and ‘Make in India’ campaigns, is likely to be attended by chief ministers of more than a dozen states as well as captains of industries and senior government officials. The Union Cabinet has already approved the National Policy for Skill Development and Entrepreneurship as well as the PMKVY, which is already being run on a pilot mode.

“PMKVY will skill 24 lakh youth, across India, over the next one year,” Rudy said, adding that skills of unorganised sector workers would be formally be assessed and certified through the ‘Recognition of Prior Learning’ facility. Additionally, the government will also launch a ‘skill loan’ initiative where loans ranging from Rs 5,000 to Rs 1.5 lakh will be available to more than 34 lakh youths of India, who seek to attend skill development programmes over the next five years.

About one lakh letters of employment would also be given on the day to students who have successfully completed their skilling courses.

Skill India has been finalised more than a year after NDA was elected to office and is aimed at skilling labour force to improve their employability and provide trained workers for the related ‘Make in India’ campaign .

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          1. Hemen Parekh
            Jul 18, 2015 at 11:59 am
            Make in India is Skill-ing India A couple of days back , PM Shri Narendra Modiji launched this scheme Some 20 odd Central Government Ministries / Departments are engaged in this effort Many State Governments are joining forces to impart Skills Training to millions of Indian Youth As to the number of youth planned to be trained , following figures are reported : > 400 million by 2022 > Creation of a pool of 500 million skilled youth by 2022 > Exportable surplus of 40/50 million skilled youths Major burden for this Herculean effort will be borne by some 11,500 ITIs ( Industrial Training Insutes ) , with a combined intake capacity of 1.6 million students per year ( most have 2 / 3 year courses ) An intake of barely 140 students per ITI per year ! But Skill India program is talking of imparting skills to some 60 million youth every year , for the next 7 years ! That would require some 4,40,000 ITIs , altogether ! Now , uming that setting up a full-fledged ITI , would require an investment of Rs 1 Crore , we are talking of a fund of Rs 4.4 lakh*crores ! Governments ( Central States ) don't have that kind of money Nor will banks lend that kind of money to anyone to set up an ITI , without urance of adequate returns ! Banks are already bleeding with NPAs amounting to Rs 4 lakh*crores and begging the Central Government for re-capitalization ! There are two sources from where this kind of money can come from These are : > 100 % FDI in ITIs > Black Money Channelizing in ITIs To encourage Black Money to flow into this most productive and beneficial use , we must come out with an Amnesty Scheme for such investments thru SPVs. And , whether the investment came through 100 % FDI or thru Amnesty Scheme , the income from operating an ITI , should be made tax-free for 20 years Nothing short of an " Out of Box " thinking will help ! If this suggestion is implemented , I see following consequences : > FDI INFLOW IN SERVICE SECTOR There will be a huge inflow of FDI from Foreign Investors , who , today earn 2 % from their bank deposits . Their investment in an Indian ITI , can earn them , may be , 10 % - and tax-free ! > UPGRADING OF TECHNOLOGY Instead of finding ( in our present ITIs ) , a 20 year old lathe , we will see most modern machines / technologies in these new ITIs This will tremendously raise the Skill Level of graduating students - the kind of skills which will enable students to find jobs abroad > JOB CREATION We should , simultaneously amend the Apprentice Act - 1951 Under the amended Act , every factory will be required to take fresh Apprentices in the ratio of 1 : 3 ( one trainee for three permanent employees , in each trade ) , instead of current prescribed ratio of 1:7 This will create a huge demand for ITI trained students > COST REDUCTION Since ITI trained apprentices are paid a stipend ( generally 20 % of the wages paid to regular / permanent / skilled workers ) , this will sharply reduce the manpower costs of manufacturing units This will lead to India becoming a " Low Cost Economy " and increase the compeiveness of our products , in the international markets , thereby boosting our exports ( currently , a meager 1.7 % of World Trade ! ) This is the major reason why Foxcon ( Taiwan ) wants to put up 10 factories in India , at an investment of $ 20 billion > ADVANTAGE , MSME Under amended Apprentice Act , permit MSME to retain ITI trained skilled workers , on a stipend-basis , for 4 years ( instead of current 2 years ) This lowering of wages will make MSME very compeive in their cost. In turn , this will encourage large organized factories to outsource / sub-contract more components to MSME , instead of manufacturing in-house This will result in a robust " Supply Chain Eco-System " It is such an Eco-System in China , which compels Apple to have 331 Component-Suppliers in China as against ONE supplier from India ! > PRODUCT QUALITY Product quality depends upon quality of skilled manpower coming out of ITIs When lakhs of ITIs are competing with one another for attracting students , each will try to raise the quality of its training When such highly trained students enter work force , quality of " Make in India " products , is bound to rise > PERCENTAGE OF SKILLED WORKERS Of the total work force , percentage of skilled workers in India today , is meager 3.5 % , as against 96 % in South Korea ! If my suggestion gets implemented , we should be able to raise this figure to at least 50 % in next 10 years ! > DEMAND FOR TEACHERS There will be a huge surge in demand for Highly Skilled persons to act as teachers / trainers in 4.4 lakh ITIs > SELF EMPLOYMENT MUDRA bank will provide loans to ITI trained skilled workers to set up themselves as local area Carpenters / Electricians / Plumbers / Welders / Masons / Repairers etc Thousands of ITI trained workers will tend to become Self Emplo You will be justified in asking : " How do we know that your suggestion will transform India's Unskilled Youth into a Demographic Dividend ? " All I can say is : " Luck happens when preparedness meets opportunity . If we prepare ourselves , opportunity will arrive , sooner than later " ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- hemen parekh 18 July 2015 B2BmessageBlaster
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