FE@CAMPUS MASTERMIND: Response by Garima Ahuja to question for Feb 25-March03

Recently,the Companies Bill was passed with mandate on CSR spending. Is mandatory CSR good?

Published: February 28, 2013 2:53 pm

Growth of a nation depends on the skill set of its people & the resources available. To develop a sustainable business environment,we need to develop a model which is inclusive by nature. Recently,the company Bill was passed with a mandate on CSR spending & I agree that this is the affirmative action taken to develop a robust model for economic & social prosperity of the nation. As per the bill companies must ensure that they spend at least 2% of their net profit towards CSR activities. Companies make profit when they have good consumer base for their product & strong manpower to manage things efficiently. If companies spend toward social welfare activities like education,health,plantation,waste disposal & many other activities,they are creating a better & healthy India which will benefit them on a long run & evidently,it is going to have positive impact on profitability of companies. Government rolls out different policies toward different welfare activities but its duty of every one to be a part of this welfare process & make a better India which can have a standing at International forum. India has been consistently ranked poor on different health parameters like malnutrition,infant death & many others,companies can help towards these activities & try to make things better. SO I think that step taken by Government is towards betterment of India .

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