Pathankot terror attack: Here’s what our readers had to say

As India began its new year fighting terrorists holed up at the Pathankot Air Force Base, readers were grim, angry and concerned.

Written by Vishakha Saxena | New Delhi | Published: January 5, 2016 2:45 pm
Pathankot terrorist attack, Pathankot Air Force Base, India-Pakistan peace talks, pathankot security, pathankot operations, pathankot martyrs, pathankot rescue operation, terrorism, pathankot news, india defense, india news, latest news Saturday’s terrorist attack on the Pathankot Air Force Base has left readers demanding better security in place for such critical establishments. (PTI Photo)

As India began its new year fighting terrorists holed up at the Pathankot Air Force Base, readers were grim as well as angry about the security lapse and concerned about its effect on the recent momentum in the India-Pakistan peace talks.

Among comments and updates saluting personnel who put their lives at stake, there were many questioning the gaps that may have allowed a security breach at an establishment as critical as an air force base, especially when intelligence inputs had already hinted at the possibility of such an attack.

“Shame Shame Shame. This is the security of air force base,” wrote Rajan Luthra on under the story Live updates on Pathankot attack.

Another reader BharatK wrote, “Army must improve their intelligence network. Top rungs of armed forces should be held accountable for any lapse.” Many readers shared similar opinions on the incident.

Criticism was also reserved for the home ministry announcement on Saturday that all terrorists involved were neutralised, even as two terrorists remained inside the base and continued their attack on Sunday. “And they naively declared that the area has been fully sanitized. What to believe now?” wrote a reader.

On Sunday afternoon union home secretary Rajiv Mehrishi clarified that since “last night firing stopped, therefore we were not sure if all terrorists (were) killed or not.”

Readers also expressed their dissatisfaction with PM Modi, especially in light of his recent surprise visit to Pakistan, for not maintaining enough pressure on the neighbour to curb such militancy. “BJP’s Modi, when in opposition, very brave. But, once in government, loses his voice,” wrote Sanjeev Singal.

Thankfully, where there is anger, there are always some voices of hope.

Some readers pointed out that there can be no benefit from politicisation of the attack. “Peace is the only way forward and Indian or Pak governments should not be targeted for such attacks,” wrote Rajan Luthra.

“Hope rulers would pursue the right path of peace and talks in the interests of all. Jaihind,” wrote another commenter named ‘Citizen’.

Unfortunately, a majority of discussions on the attack were also Islamophobic in nature. Many readers were quick to blame Muslims and referred to Islam as a violent religion. This debate, everyone knows, is not new to the realm of terrorist attacks.

Interestingly, some Islamophobic arguments were quickly shut down by witty ones.

For example, when an angry Manish demanded that “any Indian who wants to contribute to the war against terrorism in India” should stop buying products manufactured in an Islamic country and stop doing business with these, pat came the reply from Aditya – “Lets stop buying petroleum then and let’s see how your life goes.”

As one carefully reads through people’s opinions, one thing is clear – they are becoming restless for answers and actions and that for them there’s no space for diplomacy.

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  1. Ajay Mittal
    Jan 5, 2016 at 5:15 pm
    Indians, what are you waiting for? That day is not far when admirers of Muslim invaders, anti national anthem'rs lead a million mam army of jihadis trained over 7 decades in 2 lakh Indin madras to stab us in the back at the same time as stani force attacks us from the other end. We left our governance in the name of false democracy and secularism in the hands of small minded leaders who have now made India so insecure that it is next to impossible to undo the damage.
    1. Ajay Mittal
      Jan 5, 2016 at 5:21 pm
      This problem is of our making not stans. We chose to do nothing in 7 decades. We make wild umptions about stanis hoping for peace again and again when they clearly send a message that they want to Islamize India in a gradual manner. It is time for us Indians to learn to live with attacks and killings. Many more dastardly acts are to come. What do you expect when despite advance warning and knowledge of past attacks, we could not do anything and lost 7 brave men and 20 grievously injured, imagine what would have happened when attacks will happen without warning? Expect metro trains filled with tens of thousands of people getting blown up, our dams and nuclear plants being damaged, our bazars being blown apart and expect buffon Home Ministers like Shinde and Rajnath Singh to cut their sorry faces and give false urances to the people.
      1. B
        Bharat mahan
        Jan 6, 2016 at 12:48 pm
        Oh cry me a river, people blaming a faith let's see there is only who is going through psychosis for the last 30 years, let's see France US
        1. A
          Jan 5, 2016 at 10:53 am
          For God Sake please equip our soldiers and policemen with State of art Bullet Proof Jackets and other state of art weapons ... They are dying without their fault ... Wake up authorities ... Wake up Please
          1. S
            sarjit singh
            Jan 5, 2016 at 7:16 pm
            Defense services personnel and other semi security forces have their roots in the character of the society at large. (When the society is corrupt, nepotism rampart, and the chief ministers/ministers in cahoot with police have been known to be committing crimes, how could any one have trust in any functionary of Government?). The training they go through could not rise as much as we would like to see. I have a hunch, based on my official dealing with defense agencies such as CDAs, DPDOs, Sainik Welfare offices, and soldiers' organizations, over a period of time, that the standards of discipline are far from desired. I have seen the level of discipline when the Indian forces were under British control and thereafter.
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