BJP, is this why you lost?

Where I saw the BJP was on TV. And their visibility on television was much more than what it was on the ground

Written by Nandagopal Rajan | Updated: February 10, 2015 5:25 pm
An AAP campaign in Delhi. An AAP campaign in Delhi.

I live in East Delhi and vote in the Patparganj constituency. My three-year-old son breaks into the Paanch Saal Kejriwal jingle every now and then. He has heard this number a hundred times over the past few weeks. He has not heard anything else. Neither has his father.

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I am not exaggerating, but till I walked into the booth to vote on Saturday, me the voter did not know who the BJP candidate was in my seat. Me the journalist knew it was Vinod Kumar Binny… that’s my job. But I would be surprised if more than a handful of people in my society knew their BJP candidate, same for the rest of the constituency. Just for the record, I live just by the main road that cuts through this constituency.

Where I saw the BJP was on TV. And their visibility on television was much more than what it was on the ground. But on the small screen they came across as a big party… one that was arrogant and often ignorant of what was happening on the ground just kilometers away. But despite their larger than life appearance on television, they did not use it to tell Delhi what they would do. They used it mostly to run down Aam Aadmi Party’s young spokespersons.

Delhi would sleep over one of these debates and wake up to see the same tone in a BJP advertisement splashed on all newspapers the next morning. Did BJP forget this was Delhi where every stream of media gets the maximum traction? Of course, they had an impact, maybe not a positive one though. Except for the day before the election, there was no ad that said what BJP wanted to do, other than give us more Modi. Even Congress did its bit by saying they would give bijli at Rs 1.50 for the poor.

What was your message, BJP? Maybe now you can show your hand.

And when it came to campaigns, every word that Kiran Bedi said on the trail was a vote, or many, lost for the BJP. Yes, the party realised it, but maybe a bit too late. By the time Bedi finally got laryngitis, Delhi knew that this awe-inspiring policewoman and flag-waving activist, might not make a great chief minister.

Yes, there might be much more to the BJP defeat, including the groundwork of its rival, Delhi’s wish to try something new — for more than 49 days this time — and maybe even a bit of anti-incumbency. But it is hard to overlook the fact that there was something wrong, really wrong with this BJP campaign. And it seems AAP just got that bit right.


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  1. I
    Feb 10, 2015 at 8:49 pm
    In this election , out of blind hatred towards BJP, the secular parties including congress presented on a platter their votes to Kejriwal and company. Added to this is Kejriwal's pseudo promises such as free electricity and water. It is proved once again that Indian voters have never changed a bit over 60 years and that they want every thing free, whether it is water or electricity irrespective the cost of arranging these services, and Kejriwal has promised them in galore. During the earlier stint kejriwal had no intention of completing his full term . Now If he has to do it and rule for 5 years her will feel the pinch and definitely the s Delhities will ped on their share through fresh taxes. For BJP great damage has not been done but the party is not able to head Delhi government for the time being. It's vote share is in tact and some years and some hard work it has the potential to bounce back. Where Kejriwal find money to deliver his umpteen freebies is the mute question! But that is the worry of Delhites!
    1. A
      Abhijit Ahaskar
      Feb 10, 2015 at 1:44 pm
      Very well written. BJP had taken the elections for granted. They thought an overdose of modi would work this time too. However, I feel that bringing kiran bedi wouldn't have been such a bad move, if only she had focused more on what she would do than what kejriwal wouldn't.
      1. Anasuyas Shreesha
        Feb 10, 2015 at 8:46 pm
        Government servants hate Modi They donot want to attend office in time
        1. S
          Satyameva Jayate
          Feb 11, 2015 at 9:18 am
          his money is in the same place that 15 Lakhs will be coming from.
          1. A
            Anand Arya
            Feb 11, 2015 at 7:23 am
            Well said. Vision doent 2050 ? I just laughed - would it take that long to resolve the issues of Delhi ? Admitted, there was no local leader but then one had to be found. One as acceptable as Kejriwal. Arun Jaitely and Sushma Swaraj were a bit senior but then why not Smriti Irani - Ghar Ghar ki Heroine. Would have been acceptable to all. A Good Lesson for BJP if it has the propensity to learn. Bihar, U.P. and West Bangal are more important. Learn and do not make mistakes. BJP needs these States if it has to deliver on its promises. This win by AAP can lay the foundation for the second party in our political system, and a party without religion, caste, cl and creed that India badly needs.
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