Young Mizo Association

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Behind Mizoram’s recent drug busts, a remarkable community effort

The Young Mizo Association has a member in virtually every Mizo home, and combines aggressive social activism with counselling for addicts.

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Mizoram based Anti-narcotics unit rounds up 40 addicts and peddlers

Most were teenagers and young adults in shorts and slippers, among them a young woman who insisted on cradling a kitten in a length of cloth fastened across her back.

Amidst anti-migrant moves, Mizoram seeks to impart skills training to locals

Over the past one and a half years, 838 young people from Mizoram have completed skills training in concrete, glazed tiles and aluminium works.

Mizoram grapples with narcotic that gives a kick, addiction it can’t cure

Raw material through state returns as methamphetamine from Myanmar.

Mizoram minister in trouble for attending poll-boycott meeting

The boycott was successful as not even a single vote was cast on June 4.

A Terminal State of Affairs

With the highest incidence of cancer in India, Aizawl is held hostage by a silent killer
that is crippling not only the city, but the entire state

Ethnic tension in Mizoram subsides but underlying restiveness surfaces as Mizo bodies meet

The Mizo Students’ Union, another group, has also pledged to boycott the upcoming polls if the Election Commission of India does not do so.

As ethnic tensions rise over kidnapping of Mizos,Bru leaders send envoys to gain release

The MZP is planning a “Long March for Peace” from Aizawl to the western town of Tuipuibari.

Lal Thanhawla to face tough contest in Mizoram Assembly polls

The Mizoram state elections will be held on Novermber 25.

Churches in Mizoram urge EC to change poll schedule in state

MKHC were having statewide conferences which would clash with the December 4 date of polling.