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From Sundar Pichai to Elon Musk: A look at salaries of top tech CEOs

This is how much each top tech CEO takes home.

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Oath, a new Verizon unit, to debut when Yahoo is merged with AOL

Verizon Communications Inc. will introduce a new division called Oath this summer, around the time it expects to combine its AOL unit with Yahoo’s internet assets.

Lessons from Yahoo hack: Simple tips to safeguard your email

You can make yourself less of a target. There are a few simple ways to help safeguard your email account from hackers.

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Yahoo breach indictments may shed light on other hacks

Using in some cases a technique known as “spear-phishing” to dupe Yahoo users, the hackers broke into at least 500 million accounts.

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Verizon suggested price cut of up to $925 million for Yahoo deal after security breach

Verizon CEO suggested a price cut of as much as $925 million for the deal to buy Yahoo’s internet assets after revelations of massive online security breaches surfaced last year.

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Yahoo’s new Captain bot will make family coordination easier

Yahoo’s new Captain bot can be used to set reminder for individuals or send reminders to family members via SMS.

Yahoo admits forged cookies were used to access 32 million accounts

Yahoo’s network was breached twice; once in 2013 with one billion accounts affected, and the second time in 2014 with 500 million accounts affected.

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Yahoo issues another warning in fallout from hacking attacks

Yahoo confirmed it was notifying users that their accounts had potentially been compromised but declined to say how many people were affected.

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Verizon close to Yahoo deal, price cut of $250-350 mn expected

Verizon is close to a revised deal to buy Yahoo’s core internet business for $250 million to $350 million less than original price

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Yahoo Mail app rolls out caller ID, photo upload features

Yahoo launched Caller ID and photo upload features for its Yahoo Mail app that will help users identify a caller from their email contact list.

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Technology firms to urge Trump to alter US travel ban

Several technology companies plan to send a letter to US President Donald Trump on Monday urging his administration to amend the 90 day travel ban

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Yahoo beats Wall Street view, sees Verizon deal closing in second quarter

Yahoo reported better-than-expected quarterly profit and revenue, and beat Wall Street expectations

US SEC probing Yahoo over previously disclosed cyber breach

Yahoo has faced pointed questions about exactly when it knew about a 2014 cyber attack it announced in September.

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Social media usage help time spent on mobiles grow 69 %: Report

Time spent on social and messaging apps grew by an astounding 394 per cent over the last year.

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Yahoo will be renamed Altaba, Marissa Mayer to resign: Top five things to know

Yahoo will be renamed Altaba after its deal with Verizon will go through, according to an SEC filing.