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Yahoo confirms all 3 billion accounts hacked in 2013: Steps to protect account

Yahoo has officially confirmed that all 3 billion user accounts were compromised and hacked in the 2013 data theft incident. Here’s how to secure your account.

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Yahoo says all 3 billion accounts hacked in 2013 data theft

Yahoo on Tuesday said that all 3 billion of its accounts were hacked in a 2013 data theft, tripling its earlier estimate of the size of the largest breach in history

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Yahoo says all 3 billion accounts hacked in 2013 data theft

A Yahoo official emphasized Tuesday that the 3 billion figure included many accounts that were opened but that were never, or only briefly, used.

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Yahoo must face litigation by data breach victims: US judge

In a 93-page decision, Koh rejected Yahoo’s contention that breach victims lacked standing to sue, and said they could pursue some breach of contract and unfair competition claims.

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Yahoo Japan launches gaming platform that bypasses app stores

Yahoo Japan Corp., operator of the nation’s second-most popular website, announced a new web-based gaming platform called Game Plus. The new service offers titles through cloud streaming and those built on HTML5, and starts Tuesday in Japan with 39 titles.

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Verizon takes $500 million charge for Yahoo costs, shuts Esports

Esports will start winding down Friday as Verizon decided to focus on the Yahoo Sports brand, Travis Gafford, who heads the Esports unit, sad in a note to readers and viewers. Verizon shares closed little changed at $46.64 in New York Thursday. The stock is down 13 percent this year.

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What is Oath; Verizon’s new venture combining Yahoo, AOL

Oath, on combining the media and technology resources of Yahoo and AOL, boasts of being able to reach nearly a billion people worldwide. 

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Verizon’s first move with Yahoo is to ditch 2,100 jobs

About 2,100 jobs are on the chopping block as Verizon prepares to combine Yahoo and AOL for a digital advertising offensive.AOL and Yahoo will cut 15 percent of the 14,000 workers they now employ, or about 2,100 jobs.

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How Verizon hopes to grab digital ad dollars with Yahoo

Verizon has a simple goal in buying Yahoo: It wants to challenge Google and Facebook in the huge and lucrative field of digital advertising

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From Sundar Pichai to Elon Musk: A look at salaries of top tech CEOs

This is how much each top tech CEO takes home.

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Oath, a new Verizon unit, to debut when Yahoo is merged with AOL

Verizon Communications Inc. will introduce a new division called Oath this summer, around the time it expects to combine its AOL unit with Yahoo’s internet assets.

Lessons from Yahoo hack: Simple tips to safeguard your email

You can make yourself less of a target. There are a few simple ways to help safeguard your email account from hackers.

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Yahoo breach indictments may shed light on other hacks

Using in some cases a technique known as “spear-phishing” to dupe Yahoo users, the hackers broke into at least 500 million accounts.

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Verizon suggested price cut of up to $925 million for Yahoo deal after security breach

Verizon CEO suggested a price cut of as much as $925 million for the deal to buy Yahoo’s internet assets after revelations of massive online security breaches surfaced last year.

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Yahoo’s new Captain bot will make family coordination easier

Yahoo’s new Captain bot can be used to set reminder for individuals or send reminders to family members via SMS.