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China’s new vice president has reputation as ‘Mr Fix-it’

As China’s vice president, the 69-year-old Wang is expected to be a key element in furthering President Xi Jinping’s agenda of shoring up Communist Party rule while ending corruption and poverty.

Xi Jinping, Wang Qishan

Xi Jinping re-elected as President, close ally Wang Qishan is Vice-President

Xi Jinping was also re-elected as the President unanimously with all 2,970 votes in his favor at the National People’s Congress. He was also re-elected as the Chairman of the Central Military Commission unanimously.

China, Russia welcome Korean peace efforts with diplomacy in overdrive

China, Russia welcome Korean peace efforts with diplomacy in overdrive

National Security Office head Chung Eui-yong briefed officials in Beijing and Moscow following his dramatic success in arranging summits between the North Korean, South Korean and US leaders.

No term limit could allow Xi Jinping to be bold on Hong Kong, Taiwan

No term limit could allow Xi Jinping to be bold on Hong Kong, Taiwan

Hong Kong offers a delicate initial test. Since passing from British to Chinese rule in 1997, the financial hub has operated as a “special administrative region,” retaining its own legal and economic system and enjoying a considerable degree of autonomy from Beijing.

Xi Jinping

China plans to set up new agency to improve foreign aid coordination

A new state immigration administration agency responsible for border control, repatriating illegal immigrants and managing foreigners and refugees would also be set up under China’s Ministry of Public Security.

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Vengeance of Xi

China’s permanent president instructs political officials to be circumspect in pillow talk and upright in public life

Xi Jinping on China-Sri Lanka relations

China clears way for Xi Jinping’s rule for life with constitutional amendment

Out of the total 2964 deputies of the National People’s Congress who voted, only two put in a dissenting vote and three abstained in allowing president Xi Jinping to rule indefinitely.

File photo of Chinese President Xi Jinping

China defends scraping of tenure limit for Xi, dismisses concerns of dictatorship

China’s rubber-stamp parliament National People’s Congress on Sunday abolished the decades-old practice of two-term limits for the president, paving way for President Xi to become China’s leader-for-life.

China’s Amit Shah Wang Huning is behind the scenes as Xi Jinping becomes president for life

If Shah’s job is to help Modi do the electoral math and draw up strategies to win elections, it is Wang’s job to help create the narrative that legitimizes Xi Jinping in power in an authoritarian system.

Xi Jinping is being already regarded as the most powerful leader of China

Chinese Parliament to vote today to make Xi Jinping president for life

About 2980 National People’s Congress deputies will be casting their votes in Great Hall of the People in Beijing on the proposed changes to the Constitution.

With a tinge of disappointment, Tibetans prepare to thank India

Tibetans in exile mark Uprising Day

“As Xi Jinping sets out to begin his second term, I urge him to peacefully resolve the issue of Tibet through dialogue between the envoys of His Holiness The Dalai Lama and the representatives of the Chinese government,” Lobsang Sangay said.

Xi Jinping is being already regarded as the most powerful leader of China

Xi Jinping poised to become China’s leader for life

The Communist Party of China has proposed to remove the two-term limit for the president and vice-president. The constitutional amendment will remove the hurdle for Xi, 64, to become China’s leader-for-life.

Xi Jinping is being already regarded as the most powerful leader of China

Timeline of Xi Jinping’s rise as China’s leader-for-life

In 2018, the ceremonial legislature, the National People’s Congress, prepared to amend China’s constitution to remove the previous limit on presidency and vice presidency. The amendment also calls for inserting Xi’s personal political philosophy into the preamble of the national constitution.

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CPC claims overwhelming support to scrap term limit for Xi Jinping

The annual session of China’s parliament commenced on Monday, setting the stage for the ratification of controversial measures to remove two term limits for 64-year-old Xi and inclusion of his thought into the Constitution.

US President Donald Trump with Chinese President Xi Jinping. (File)

Don’t want trade war with US, says China

“China does not want a trade war with US but if US takes steps to hurt our interests, we will not sit idle,” 13th National People’s Congress (NPC) spokesperson Zhang Yesui said.