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Trump wants China to put pressure on North Korea

Donald Trump wants China to put maximum pressure on North Korea: White House

Chinese President Xi Jinping’s special envoy will visit North Korea on Friday to inform its leadership about the outcome of the recent national congress of the ruling Communist Party of China.

Chinese President Xi Jinping offers support to Saudi Arabia

Chinese President Xi Jinping offers support for Saudi amid regional uncertainty

Xi Jinping told King Salman that China’s determination to deepen strategic cooperation with Saudi Arabia will not waver, no matter how the international and regional situation changes.

Chinese President Xi Jinping makes state visit to Vietnam

Bilateral relations plunged to their lowest level in years when China in 2014 parked a giant oil rig in an area claimed by Vietnam. The incident sparked deadly anti-China protests for several weeks.

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China President Xi Jinping vows to ‘open wider’ while defending jobs

China has created 13 million new jobs in cities and towns in recent years, Xi added.

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China will work to safeguard South China Sea peace: Xi Jinping tells Rodrigo Duterte

“China will continue to work with ASEAN countries to safeguard peace, stability and prosperity of the South China Sea region,” China’s official Xinhua news agency cited Xi as saying to Duterte.

Trump wants China to put pressure on North Korea

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China’s rise and domestic turbulence in America have created an opportunity for India in Asia

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China to accord ‘state visit-plus’ welcome to Donald Trump

Also expected to figure in Trump-Xi discussion is the US’ new South Asia policy which is piling pressure on Pakistan, China’s all-weather ally, to dismantle terror safe havens.

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Chinese military pledges total loyalty to Xi Jinping

“The Chinese military will be absolutely loyal, pure, reliable, and resolutely follow the orders of Central Military Commission (CMC) Chairman Xi Jinping,” China’s highest military authority has said

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The Xi path to prosperity

Apprehensions that a rising China would be a threat are misplaced. The 19th CPC congress has presented a greater opportunity for China to advance mutually beneficial cooperation with India and the world

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China’s watershed moment

The 19th Party Congress has re-identified the ‘principal contradiction’ facing society. There will be consequences

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Chinese President Xi Jinping says hopes to promote relations with North Korea, reports KCNA

China, which fought together with North Korea in the 1950-53 Korean war, has said repeatedly it is implementing United Nations resolutions on North Korea, but also that what it terms “normal” trade and humanitarian assistance should not be affected.

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From Lenin to Xi Jinping

How the Chinese Communist Party has buried the revolutionary spirit of 1917

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Xi Speak

The personality cult has returned to Chinese universities

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Apple’s Tim Cook, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg meet Xi Jinping in Beijing

Apple Inc chief executive Tim Cook and Facebook Inc’s Mark Zuckerberg met Chinese President Xi Jinping on Monday at an annual gathering of advisers to Beijing’s Tsinghua University business school.

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China considers three-year jail terms for disrespecting national anthem, flag

Parliament is now looking at whether to amend China’s Criminal Law to include criminal penalties for disrespect of the national anthem, including intentionally distorting the lyrics or tune.