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Reassure neighbours

New Delhi should not hector those nearby if it intends to bring about balance with Beijing

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PM Modi greets Chinese President Xi Jinping on his 64th birthday

The two leaders had interacted at the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation summit for the first time after India chose to skip the Belt and Road Initiative meeting in Beijing.

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China border roads hobbling, 12 years later, 21 of 73 ready

The construction of these 73 ICBR roads was sanctioned by the UPA government in 2005, and work was to have been completed by 2012. The proposed date of completion has now been revised to 2020.

Xi Jinping snubs Nawaz Sharif by skipping bilateral meet after murder of Chinese nationals

On Friday, Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying explained that the murders were no way connected to the USD 50 billion China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) which was opposed by the Baloch nationalists.

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I watched Dangal, liked the actors as well as the movie: Chinese President Xi Jinping tells PM Narendra Modi

Chinese President Xi Jinping spoke very highly of Indian films. He said that Dangal was doing particularly well and that he himself has actually seen it. Dangal has also become the first top-grossing non-Hollywood film in China.

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WATCH: Putin jokingly calls Chinese President Xi Jinping a ‘lone warrior’

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping sat across each other for an official meeting, when the latter’s entourage took time to arrive.

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PM Modi meets Chinese President Xi Jinping, calls for respecting each other’s core concerns

PM Modi said, “The Indian side is grateful for China’s support for India’s accession to the SCO and will work closely with China in the organisation.”

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PM Narendra Modi meets Chinese President Xi Jinping at SCO summit

The 17th SCO summit holds special significance as India and Pakistan will be formally inducted as SCO members.

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China ‘gravely concerned’ at Islamic State’s claims of killing two teachers in Pakistan

Armed men pretending to be policemen kidnapped the two language teachers in Quetta, the capital of Baluchistan province, on May 24.

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PM Modi, Xi Jinping to meet today in first talks after India stayed away from OBOR

Indications are that the Chinese side is likely to introduce a strong thrust to the One-Belt-One-Road (OBOR) initiative in the Astana declaration adopted by the Shanghai Cooperation Organisation

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Silk Road hub or tax haven? China’s new border trade zone may be less than it seems

On the border of China and Kazakhstan, an international free trade zone has become a showpiece of President Xi Jinping’s signature ‘Belt and Road’ Initiative

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China police detain gay activists after Xian event cancelled

The move comes amid a broader clampdown on civil society and rights activism under Chinese President Xi Jinping.

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Xi Jinping says willing to get China-South Korea’s ties back on track

Ties between the two countries soured in recent months over the deployment of the powerful THAAD shield in South Korea, which Beijing sees as a threat to its own military capability.

Nepalis don’t share Indian ambivalence towards China

While India’s stated (and strong) opposition to BRI is that CPEC runs through the disputed Kashmir region, its nervousness runs deeper than that.

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Why India is not part of the Belt and Road Initiative summit

The dragon is spitting repeated streaks of fire. How long can the elephant be left behind?