Writings On The Wall

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Writings on the wall: Huggies diapers in Vaishali, Muslim-Dalit IIT-JEE coalition

Over nine years of good governance, exemplary law and order and record growth, Nitish Kumar pulled Bihar back from the brink.

Writings on the wall: In a tearing Hurry-ana

Hooda knows the pulse of modern Haryana.

Gogoi, the only Congressman smiling… and a weeping police officer in a masjid

There is a reason why even as the AGP is declining, and the BJP is moving into its space, it isn’t credibly challenging the Congress.

When Mary Kom stares down at Narendra Modi

A new willingness to go out into India and compete rather than stay back and sulk is the most significant writing on the Assamese wall today.

Me captain,you team: Very vain,very effective

That’s Imran Khan. Out to slay the ‘circus ke sher’ (of Nawaz Sharif),solve Pakistan’s problems: thrash the thieves,get a driving licence,shoot down the drones,spook the West into giving you a visa. All you need is his bat,the magic wand that’s,curiously,cast a spell

For democracy and bijli,uninterrupted supply

18-hour power cuts have switched off most voters from India or Kashmir. Benazir gone,Zardari is a pale shadow,their angry son exiled to TV land. Nawaz Sharif senses power but beyond his tired tigers and a stuffed menagerie,he also has a headache called Imran Khan

Bengal stands up to ask for more

And the CPM can’t understand why – while Mamata says she is ready to deliver