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These tweets show Donald Trump’s contempt for media has not waned

Trump, who is known for his wish-washy and flippant stance on several issues has constantly berated the media.

Seven dead as gas blast in Russia collapses building

Although the cause behind the explosion is yet not clear but Russia’s Investigative Committee said it had launched a probe into possible safety violations.

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China amends sexual assault laws, male rape now punishable

Indecent or sexual assault on others, men or women, now carries a minimum sentence of five years in prison.

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Conflict watch: From Syria to Afghanistan, all you need to know about the week that was

Nine people were killed and 33 wounded last Sunday in a bomb attack at a football match in Paktika province. The government responded a day later with airstrikes that killed 85 IS men.

Extra Security: A parked car is safe in Sweden, even from nuke strikes

The Catherine Rock Shelter, which was made in 1957, can house 20,000 people. Its three floors, with a surface area of 15,900 sq metres, now act as a public parking.

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Conflict watch: From Syria to Afghanistan, all you need to know about the week that was

Iraq’s defence minister Khalid al-Obeidi on Saturday toured Anbar, according to a statement issued by his office, and fired a top commander for failing to carry out his duty.

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Conflict watch: From Syria to Afghanistan, all you need to know about the week that was

The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) militants, armed with rocket launchers, have been waging a bloody campaign against security forces since Ankara launched a two-pronged offensive to bomb Islamic State militants in Syria.

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Greece’s Tsipras prevails over rebels at party meeting

This country no long has democracy, but a peculiar type of totalitarianism a dictatorship of the euro,’ prominent dissenter Panagiotis Lafazanis said.

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Not the Europe we expected

Many migrants say this was not the Europe they expected. They lament the loud rumble of subway trains, the stench of urine and how “even in Africa” they didn’t have to sleep outdoors.

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What the world is streaming: Everest tragedy on camera

The amazing point-of-view video of Everest tragedy has been watched over 19 million times since April 26.

Asian tiger

Lee Kuan Yew’s policies made Singapore influential. But even he was wary of calling it a model.

WATCH VIDEO: Mexican wrestler, Pedro Aguayo Ramirez, dies of injury during his match

Pedro Aguayo Ramirez, mexican wrestler dies after sustaining an injury from his opponent during an ongoing match.

Putin’s in the building

While he was gone, the wondering had taken on a life of its own.

Coup in Yemen underway, Shia rebels enter presidential palace

The UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon expressed concern over the “deteriorating situation” in Yemen.

FBI searches home, seals office of Raphel, Pak’s friend in US

In 1993, Raphel was appointed as America’s first Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asian Affairs.