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Genes that determine mutation in pigeons can also cause melanoma in humans: study

The three key genes that determine feather colour in pigeons are the same that can be responsible for melanoma and albinism.

Obama aide Rice says the Devyani incident shouldn’t derail US-India ties

Responding to the Devyani case, the White House says India and US must deal with differences in a constructive manner.

Children in Syria raped, maimed and tortured during war: UN

Syrian militia groups recruit children for both combat as well as for using terror tactics in civilian-populated areas.

Three bomb blasts rattle Baghdad, 7 killed and 20 injured

The explosions raise fears about Iraq slipping back into sectarian violence.

Karzai secretly in touch with the Taliban: report

Despite Karzai’s secret contact with the Taliban, top Afghan officials were informed that any prospect of a peace deal were now gone.