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Study puts a count to suffering people in need of palliative care

The Lancet Commission on Global Access to Palliative Care and Pain Relief is the result of a three-year project involving 61 co-authors from 25 countries.

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New vaccine on way could be a gamechanger for flu — here’s how

By employing a new way to attack the virus, new vaccine could deliver more effective, longer-lasting results, Oxford researchers tell Indian Express.

Dr Soumya Swaminathan, Deputy director general WHO, WHO director general, M S Swaminathan, WHO, TB, India news, Indian Express

My selection is evidence that India has bigger presence in world health: Soumya Swaminathan

WHO’s new Dy DG (programmes) discusses global priorities and India’s policies with Indian Express.

Dr Soumya Swaminathan, Deputy director general WHO, WHO director general, M S Swaminathan, WHO, TB, India news, Indian Express

Soumya Swaminathan selected as new Deputy DG at WHO

Dr Swaminathan has more than 30 years of experience in clinical care, research and translating those findings into programmes.

Dr Soumya Swaminathan, Deputy director general WHO, WHO director general, M S Swaminathan, WHO, TB, India news, Indian Express

Dr Soumya Swaminathan appointed as new DDG of WHO

Swaminathan brings with her a vast experience spanned over three decades in clinical care and research, she had been continuously striving to translate research into impactful programmes.

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WHO warns of cholera threat in Bangladesh Rohingya camps

The World Health Organization (WHO) says mobile medical centres have been set up, while Bangladesh health authorities say they have treated some 4,500 Rohingya for diarrhoea in a month and vaccinated some 80,000 children for measles and polio.

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‘World running out of antibiotics, pathogens getting resistant,’ WHO warns

Besides TB, the WHO has also identified 12 classes of priority pathogens — including common infections like pneumonia or urinary tract infections — that are increasingly resistant to existing antibiotics and urgently in need of new treatments.

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Over two million enrolled in India’s quit tobacco programme in a year, says WHO report

An evaluation by health ministry at end of the programme’s first year, covering over 12,000 registered users, demonstrated an average quit rate of about 7 per cent among both smokers and smokeless tobacco users, a 2017 WHO report on the epidemic said.

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Low- and middle-income countries taking lead in tobacco control, shows WHO assessment

4.7 billion people — almost two-thirds of the world’s population — are now protected by at least one WHO prescribed best-practice measure on curbing tobacco use. 11 Indian cities are in the list of 100 best performers globally. Indian Express unpacks a significant new report

Found alive before his burial, premature baby dies a day later

“No medical negligence has been found on part of the doctors. It has also been found that it was not a delivery but a case of abortion. Also, the father was present when the aborted premature baby was handed over,” Dr Rai added.

Experts: Gujarat Govt’s anti-malaria campaign not enough to deal with Zika

“The (Zika) virus does not take time to spread from one area to the other… One cannot use the same anti-malaria campaign to deal with Zika,” said Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation’s entomologist

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As Zika reported, similarity to two other diseases poses challenge

Just like dengue and chikungunya, widespread and endemic in most major cities here, the virus is spread by the same vector, the Aedes mosquito.

WHO reports first 3 cases of Zika virus in India, all from Gujarat

Zika virus cases: “This report is important as it describes the first cases of Zika virus infections and provides evidence on the circulation of the virus in India,” WHO said.

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Nearly 23,500 cholera cases, 242 deaths in Yemen in three weeks, says WHO

Two-thirds of the population are on the brink of famine in Yemen, the WHO said.

Women living in Zika affected areas should consider delaying pregnancy: WHO

The UN body says that there are no other ways to stop the devastating effects of the virus