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White House fires its first female chief usher

Reid became the first woman and second African-American to hold this job.

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White House Correspondents’ dinner lacks glitter without Donald Trump

Absent a busload of big names, the event is focusing on the First Amendment and the crucial role of the press in a democracy.

US presidential adviser Conway endorses Ivanka Trump brand, ethics office concerned

“Not taking disciplinary action against a senior official under such circumstances risks undermining the ethics program,” Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub wrote in a letter

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Watch video: Donald Trump gets fact-checked live, fumbles with his response

When he was questioned at the end of the brief as to why Americans should trust him, Trump casually dismissed it saying he was “given that information”.

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Donald Trump pulls out of TPP deal: Other executive orders signed by Trump administration so far

As soon as Trump officially took charge as the 45th President of the United States, his administration has been active in making a number of policy changes

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Donald Trump inauguration live updates: Trumps dance to ‘My Way’ at ball

Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America succeeding outgoing President Barack Obama.

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Barack Obama dials PM Narendra Modi, says ‘thank you for strengthening Indo-US ties’

The two leaders met at the White House in September 2014. Since then they have met each other eight times.

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India remains one of fastest-growing countries: White House report

“Private consumption has been a major driver in economic growth, contributing 4.3 percentage points to its 7. 3 per cent real GDP growth rate in the four quarters through 2016:Q3,” the report said.

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Two Indian-Americans selected for White House Fellows programme

Shah and Tripathi were among the 30 finalists selected for the programme.

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Bernie Sanders under pressure to quit as Democrats look to unite

The task of persuading Sanders’ supporters to fall in line falls in part to Obama, still one of its most popular figures.

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Modi’s US visit: China’s growing footprint a cause of concern?

Barack Obama and Narendra Modi have “invested in developing a close relationship.”

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Man shot by US Secret Service outside White House remains in critical condition

On Friday, a US law enforcement official said that authorities identified the gunman as Jesse Oliveri of Ashland, Pennsylvania, about 80 miles northwest of Philadelphia.

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Secret Service shoot armed man outside the White House, in custody

The shooting took place just off 17th and E streets, near what is known as the South Lawn outside the home and offices of the president.

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US House of Representatives block aid to Pakistan

The NDAA 2017 (H R 4909) was passed by the US House of Representative (277-147) reflecting the strong anti-Pak sentiment prevailing among the US lawmakers.

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Donald Trump says no need for Republican unity

A growing chorus of senior Republican leaders have joined the “anyone but Trump movement”.