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London attacker used WhatsApp, firm must help police get access: UK minister

Tech companies must cooperate more with law enforcement agencies and should stop offering a “secret place for terrorists to communicate”, said UK minister Amber Rudd

WhatsApp’s text-only Status update is back on iOS: Here’s how to use

WhatsApp’s text-only Status had already made a return on Android, and it looks like this is back on iOS too

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WhatsApp brings back ‘Text Status’ for Android users; coming soon on iOS

Good news for WhatsApp users: The text-only Status feature has made a comeback on Android.

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Facebook Stories rolled out for more regions globally

Facebook Stories will look exactly like Instagram Stories with little circular profile photo of the user and their friends appearing on top of the News Feed.

EU consumer authorities to take on Facebook, Google, Twitter

European consumer protection authorities will ask social media companies Facebook, Alphabet and Twitter to amend their terms of service within one month.

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Security flaw found in WhatsApp, Telegram: Researchers

A flaw could let hackers break into WhatsApp or Telegram messaging accounts using the very encryption intended to protect messages.

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WhatsApp to bring back text status updates to Android next week

After facing some backlash from users, WhatsApp is bringing back the text statuses that had been part of the app since its beginning.

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WhatsApp’s old Status feature spotted on Android beta

According to reports, WhatsApp beta version 2.17.95 for Android revives the old WhatsApp Status.

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WhatsApp tests business chat tools in search for revenue

WhatsApp is also surveying users about the extent to which they talk to businesses on WhatsApp, and whether they have ever received spam.

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CIA has targeted everyday gadgets for snooping, claim WikiLeaks documents

Documents released by WikiLeaks allege a CIA surveillance program that targets everyday gadgets ranging from smart TVs to smartphones to cars.

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WhatsApp will monetise its 1.2 billion users; this is how

WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton says company in exploratory stages on how to help enterprises connect with customers.

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WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton: ‘Social is not in our vocabulary’

WhatsApp co-founder Brian Acton told IndianExpress.com: “What we have started doing is sort of create the foundations of how businesses will engage with consumers”

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WhatsApp’s new Status feature is now live for all: Here’s how to use

WhatsApp update bring in Status, a new feature which lets users upload photos and videos to their contacts is now live for users.

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WhatsApp update adds Snapchat-like status feature with rich video, photos; here is how it works

WhatsApp update: Along with Whatsapp status, another new feature being rolled out is the Whatsapp camera, now available on the homepage of the app itself and not limited to the individual chat

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WhatsApp is gunning for Snapchat next with Stories in Status tab

WhatsApp’s Status will be the next to follow the Snapchat-inspired Stories path and will let users post videos, photos.