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Mercy, My Jewels!

In Doniger’s agile mind and in her skilful hands, these become stories, as the very clever pun in the title suggests, about truth and reality, about how memory, recognition and human consciousness work for the self and for the other.

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The main thing that writers can do is go on writing: Wendy Doniger

Doniger will be talking on “The Power of the Myth” over Skype at the Tata Literature Live! Festival in Mumbai today.

Man who got Wendy Doniger pulped is made ‘must reading’ in Gujarat schools

To make students aware of Indian culture, Batra recommends his own three-language system to be followed in schools.

Modi effect: One publisher quits, other spikes

Ravi Singh of Aleph ‘quits’ over decision to put Doniger on hold, publish Modi verse.

‘Modi a pragmatist, may want to completely rebrand himself’

Nicholas B Dirks discusses the elections, Narendra Modi and the Wendy Doniger controversy.

Same group attacks another Doniger book

Co Publisher of Aleph Publications, Ravi Singh, however, completely denied any such move.

Letters to the editor: Undiscerning law

Lower courts have often been tardy in applying that test, even though higher courts have generally stood by serious authors and artists.

Letters to the Editor: Anger over ink

Hinduism has survived against all odds and has 800 million-plus followers in India

Law for bad behaviour

Section 295A of the IPC opens the door for bullies to walk in

Dishonesty on Doniger

Self-proclaimed liberals and proponents of free speech are selective in their protests

The regressive state

Don’t blame the mob when a book is pulped or withdrawn. Ask why the state sanctions a spurious hierarchy of hurt and injury.

‘The Hindus’ controversy: Getting Doniger trashed just one of his ‘battles to save Hinduism’

RSS man Batra behind NCERT changes, pushes for 2014 ‘school manifesto’.

The Hindus controversy: ‘Angry’ Wendy Doniger says Indian law true villain

If legal means of publication fail, Internet has other ways of keeping books in circulation: Doniger.

Express 5: Cloud over Telangana Bill and Modi’s experiment with tea stalls

Five best stories of the Indian Express you must read before beginning your day.

Silencing of liberal India

Courts, publishers, educators and professional offence mongers are to blame.