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Stanford rape case, Brock Turner, rape, sexual consent, consent and rape, viral videos

Video: How sexual consent is much like offering a cup of tea

An animated video using the metaphor of offering tea is being circulated far and wide to clear the air on sexual consent once and for all.

man beating wife main_480

Disturbing video of man beating his wife, ‘her lover’ goes viral; sparks debate on ‘equality in violence’

A video of a man beating his wife and her alleged lover was shared on Facebook, sparking a debate on if it’s fair to use violence to punish women as equally as men.

11 year old pays tribute to world war II veteran, memorial day tribute, 11 year old plays trumpet for war veteran after parade gets cancelled, Nicholas Degregorio

11-year-old plays trumpet for World War II veteran after parade gets cancelled

He paid a touching tribute to the martyrs of his country.

lion pounces on boy, lion attacks boy, lion attacks boy in zoo, lion slams into glass, viral videos

Watch: Lion charges at a toddler at a zoo in Japan

The lion charged at the two-year-old boy the moment he turned his back on it.

RPT:New Delhi:  Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella delivering keynote address at the company's  'Tech For Good, Ideas for India' event in New Delhi on Monday. PTI Photo by Shahbaz Khan(PTI5_30_2016_000063B)

Watch: When Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella quoted Mirza Ghalib

“Hazaaron khwaishein aisi, ke har khwaish pe dum nikle. Bohot nikle mere armaan, fir bhi kam nikle,” Nadella quoted.

tanmay bhat, tanmay bhat video, AIB AIB spoof, all india bakchod, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, security to tanmay bhat, lata mangeshkar, sachin tendulkar, indian express news

AIB’s Tanmay Bhat responds to trolls, after controversial Sachin-Lata roast goes viral

AIB comedian Tanmay Bhat issues a statement on Snapchat, but we suspect there may be more on it soon.

modi moon_480_Arre

Watch: Spoof video superimposes PM Modi on iconic photos — from Dandi March to the moon landing — and it’s hilarious

The spoof video has been set to the background music of ‘Mera desh badal raha hai’, and makes for a hilarious viewing.

Viral videos, real-life Tom and Jerry, rat chases cat, rat gives cat a chase, funny videos

Watch: Video of rat chasing cat sparks Internet debate

In this video of a real-life Tom and Jerry, it’s Jerry who gives Tom a chase around the house as he squeals and jumps in fright.

Chewbacca Candace Payne Facebook 3

Watch: This US mom’s hilarious video is the most viral in Facebook’s history

Facebook user Candace Payne became an overnight sensation when she made everyone’s day with her infectious Chewbacca laughter.

GoPro camera captures plane crash, plane crash video, horrifying video, viral videos, last moments of plane crash, plane crash survivors

Watch: Video of moments leading up to plane crash goes viral

The footage, shot on a GoPro camera strapped on to the head of one of the skydivers, captured the chaos and panic during moments before the crash.

PETA ad, PETA ad campaign, latest PETA ad, PETA beating hearts ad, shocking PETA ad, PETA Asia, animal cruelty, animal cruelty in leather industry, PETA beating hearts ad, shocking PETA ad,

Video: New PETA ad shocks shoppers to keep out exotic skins in luxury products

The video is a part of PETA Asia’s new campaign to highlight the inherent cruelty in the leather industry. *Viewer discretion advised.

Viral videos, orangutan adopts tiger cubs, orangutan plays with tiger cubs, orangutan surrogate mother to tiger cubs,

Watch: Orangutan adopts tiger cubs; feeds them from a bottle!

The orangutan acts like a surrogate mother to the tiger cubs!

Viral videos, CCTV footage of train accident, CCTV footage of train driver saving passengers, Polish train driver saves passengers, Mateusz Szymanski

Watch: Moments before train collision, driver heroically attempts to save passengers

Thanks to Mateusz Szymanski’s bravery, everyone escaped unhurt.

Captain America: Civil War, making of Captain America: Civil War, Captain America: Civil War without CGI, Captain America: Civil War: stunts, shooting of Captain America: Civil War

Captain America: Civil War, without the CGI, is super hilarious

Without the stunning computer-generated imagery (CGI) our favourite superheroes look funny as they tackle imagined forces head on.

vir das ad main_480_FB

Watch: Vir Das tackles sexist commercials in this new ad, and nails it

Vir Das trying a hand at all the things women are made to in Indian ads will make you laugh — and think.