Viktor Yanukovych

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Ukraine says insurgents attack border guards

The initial attack by around 100 insurgents was met by firing from the border guards, and the number swelled to around 400 later.

At least 42 killed in street battles across Kiev, OSCE monitors freed

At least 37 people died in the blaze. On Saturday police raised the overall death toll in the city to 42. I

Kiev deadline for disarming in east Ukraine passes

Dozens of angry men hurled rocks, smashed the windows and broke into a police station in the city of Horlivka not far from the border with Russia.

Pro-Russia protesters storm govt building in Ukraine

The protesters outside cheered and chanted “Russia!”.

Crimea a part of Ukraine: Yanukovych

Viktor Yanukovych calls Russia’s annexation of Crimea “a tragedy”.

Crimea referendum: Region holds vote to join Russia as turmoil sweeps Ukraine

The choice is between joining Russia or taking more powers but staying in Ukraine. Status quo not an option.

Revolution on fumes

Protests show that invoking Chavez’s ghost can’t paper over the governance deficit in Venezuela.

Yanukovych surfaces in Russia, gunmen seize Crimea parliament

John Kerry had proposed cooperation with Moscow to resolve the Ukraine crisis during a telephone call with Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov Thursday.

Ukraine’s fugitive president wanted for mass murder

Russia questions legitimacy of new rulers; Yanukovych last seen in Crimea; EU turns to West over aid for Kiev.

Ukrainian President Yanukovych says he does not plan to resign

“My car was shot at. But I have no fear,” Yanukovych said.

Joe Biden warns Ukrainian President with sanctions

The US leader also called the Polish Prime Minister to consult on the situation in Ukraine.

White House considers sanctions against Ukraine

Ukrainian government snipers fired upon advancing protesters in the capital, Kiev, on Thursday, killing at least 70 people and wounding hundreds of others.

Sochi hijack attempt over Ukraine prisoners

The crew tricked him and landed the plane in Istanbul instead where he was subdued by security officers who sneaked on board.

Russia claims US meddling over Ukraine

Pyatt expressed hope for a deal to form a new government but warned that Moscow would try to undo their negotiations.

Chinese takeaway

From New Delhi’s perspective, the Western speculation on China offering nuclear protection to Ukraine is largely academic. India’s problem is rather different.