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Venezuela votes in crucial regional elections

Venezuela “remains in a full-blown economic, humanitarian, and political crisis with no end in sight,” said a report by the International Monetary Fund.

Russia to supply 600,000 tonnes of wheat to Venezuela

The supplies to Venezuela will be carried out as part of commercial contracts between Russian and Venezuelan state companies, Russian Agriculture Minister Alexander Tkachev said in an interview for the Reuters Russia Investment Summit.

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Venezuela leaders, opposition explore possibility of talks

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said he fully supports the call for a new round of talks between the government and opposition.

Venezuelan army and militias hold exercises after Donald Trump’s warning of ‘military option’

The Venezuelan government said it expected 700,000 civilian militia members and 200,000 soldiers, sailors and airmen to participate.

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‘No military action plan presently being considered for Venezuela’, says US National Security Adviser

“Any decision will be in conjunction with the partners of the region,” US National Security Adviser said. Donald Trump said earlier this month that he would not rule out a “military option” in Venezuela.

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Venezuela’s sacked attorney general is in Colombia, authorities say

Colombia is among the Latin American countries which have roundly criticized Maduro, while also condemning a suggestion by US President Donald Trump that a military intervention was an option to solve the crisis.

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US Vice President Mike Pence stresses ‘peaceable’ solution sought for Venezuela

In Venezuela, Nicolas Maduro’s regime has seized onto Trump’s threat as proof of its oft-repeated claim that the United States wanted to topple the current leftist government to get its hands on Venezuela’s oil reserves, the largest in the world.

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Donald Trump’s threat of military action in Venezuela could bolster Nicolas Maduro

President Nicolas Maduro has continued the free-spending socialist “revolution” started by his predecessor, the late Hugo Chavez, almost 20 years ago, using rhetoric populist rhetoric that the US “empire” is planning an invasion to steal Venezuela’s oil.

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Pence to begin Latin America tour as global crises grow

Pence trip comes on the heels of yet another provocative statement from Trump that Pence is sure to have to answer for: this time Trump’s sudden declaration that he would not rule out a “military option” in Venezuela plunging the country into chaos.

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Venezuela defense chief Vladimir Padrino calls Donald Trump’s intervention threat ‘crazy’

Venezuela’s foreign ministry was expected to issue a statement on Saturday responding to Trump’s comment that “a possible military option” was under consideration for the crisis-racked nation.

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Venezuela’s sanctions-hit Nicolas Maduro says he wants direct talk with Donald Trump

Nicolas Maduro used substantial parts of his three-hour-plus speech lambasting the “imperialist” US for perceived actions against his regime. “We will never cede to foreign powers,” said the Venezuelan leader.

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Venezuela’s new assembly declares itself all-powerful

Delcy Rodriguez, the head of the ruling socialist party and leader of the body, said the unanimously approved decree prohibits lawmakers in congress from taking any action that would interfere with laws passed by the newly installed constitutional assembly.

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‘Venezuelan opposition leader Lopez returned to house arrest’

Lopez, 46, was already under house arrest when he was picked up by Venezuelan intelligence services overnight Monday, one day after a vote to choose a powerful constituent assembly tasked with rewriting the constitution.

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All-powerful Venezuelan assembly opens amid protests

The installation of the all-powerful constitutional assembly is virtually certain to intensify a political crisis that has brought four months of protests that left at least 120 people dead and hundreds jailed.

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Nicolas Maduro slams US sanctions against Venezuela

Maduro also responded to Washington’s threat to suspend the National Constituent Assembly (ANC), a body that the President created to rewrite the nation’s constitution, saying: “I do not obey imperial orders of foreign governments”.