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Venezuela protesters target military base leading to clashes

The opposition is trying to sway the support of the armed forces, a key pillar of the government of socialist President Nicolas Maduro, who is resisting opposition calls for early elections.

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Venezuela to push ahead with assembly in July despite unrest

Hundreds of people have been injured in the violence, around 2,700 arrested, with 1,000 still behind bars, and 335 tried in military tribunals

Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro terms opposition ‘fascist’ as protests turn violent

“Venezuela is facing … a coup movement that has turned into hatred and intolerance, very similar to Nazi fascism,” said Nicolas Maduro.

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8 judges on Venezuela’s Supreme Court hit with US sanctions

The judges have been accused of stripping their nation’s democracy by steadily stripping the opposition controlled Congress of any authority.

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Brazil prepares ‘contingency plan’ to tackle mass influx of Venezuelan refugees

More than 6,000 Venezuelans cross the border every day looking to buy food and medicine, and most go back but others stay and look for work

Venezuela protests, Venezuela, protests in venezuela, venezuela violence, venezuela president, world news

More killed, hundreds injured in Venezuela protests

On Tuesday, 17-year-old Yeison Mora succumbed to a bullet to the head received during a protest in the plains state of Barinas.

Anti-Maduro protests persist in Venezuela, teenager dies in unrest

Protesters have gone from throwing excrement at security forces to handing them letters and flowers for Mother’s Day on Sunday.

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Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro used illegal cash for Hugo Chavez campaign: Political consultant

The accusations were made by Monica Moura, a Brazilian who ran the Chavez campaign with her husband.

Military courts detain 50 Venezuela protestors: NGO

Clashes at protests have left 36 people dead and hundreds injured since the unrest erupted on April 1, according to authorities.

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Venezuela protests: Opposition presses for fresh marches

Just Wednesday Venezuela said it was quitting the Organization of American States in anger at pressure from the bloc over the government’s handling of a its political crisis

US, 13 other nations demand Venezuela to hold elections soon

The 14 nations, including Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Argentina, said they see expulsion of Maduro’s government as a last resort and instead urged dialogue to resolve Venezuela’s entrenched economic and political problems

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Demonetisation: Pakistan, Venezuela unwilling to go the whole way like Modi on note ban

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s demonetisation move appears to be popular, at least politically. It has been echoed in at least two other developing countries, where Venezuela and Pakistan have taken a similar route.

Venezuela: Government passes food distribution to socialist committees

President Nicolas Maduro’s government wants state agencies to buy some 70 percent of food produced in local plants and distribute much of it to the population.

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Venezuela crisis: Former Spanish PM meets jailed Opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez

The meeting between the opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez and the Former Spanish PM, is backed by the Obama Administration and other regional governments to defuse the escalating crisis in Venezuela.

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Venezuela president calls Bernie Sanders a ‘revolutionary friend’

Sanders describes himself as a democratic socialist and has called Maduro’s mentor, the late President Hugo Chavez, a “dead communist dictator.”