Us India Partnership

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Legislative amendment seeks enhanced US-India defence ties

The amendment notes that NDAA-2017 recognises India as a’Major Defence Partner’ of the US. The major defence partner designation is unique to India, and institutionalises the progress made to facilitate defence trade and technology sharing between the two.

Kerry to deliver major foreign policy speech on India

Kerry’s speech comes on the eve of his departure to India to attend the India-US Strategic Dialogue.

Nancy Powell’s meeting with Narendra Modi part of ‘broader outreach’: US

Ending a nine-year boycott, Powell on Thursday met Gujarat Chief Minister Modi in Gandhinagar and said her country looks forward to working closely with the government India chooses after the Lok Sabha elections.

US offers India partnership in developing most advanced fighter craft

Offer comes months after India decided not to buy F-16 and F-18 fighters from US.

Assert yourself,begin with your neighbourhood: US urges India

New Delhi should exercise political influence to match its fast-growing economic muscle.