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India & the Arabian Spectacle: Donald Trump & the Sunni Summit

As Trump’s military escalation threatens to unravel the old order in the Middle East, India needs to act purposefully to limit the potential negative consequences for the Subcontinent.

US: Couple, five kids, family dog die in house fire in Ohio; cause unknown

The house sat at the top of a winding street in a neighborhood of mostly two-story clapboard houses.

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US strikes Syria air base: Call on civilized nations to end slaughter and bloodshed in Syria, says Donald Trump

“Tonight I call on all civilized nations in seeking to end the slaughter and bloodshed in Syria,” the US President said.

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Maternity (Amendment) Bill: Looks good on paper, but there’s more to it than what meets the eye

While India may be ahead of the United States (which gives its women employees 12 weeks of unpaid maternity leave), our Maternity Bill leaves out a large section of women in the unorganized sector — and that’s a colossal setback.

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Donald Trump and immigrants: The world’s a mess, but hope swells!

These Americans realised it was time to wear their heart on their sleeves as they turned out to make sure virtual strangers got the homecoming they deserved.

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Critics slam Donald Trump’s plan to limit counter-extremism program

Last Friday, Donald Trump signed an executive order temporarily blocking travel to the United States by people from seven predominantly Muslim countries, prompting a global outcry

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Is Donald Trump strategically pushing out non-Americans from the United States?

If you pull back for a moment from the distracting cacophony engineered by Trump, you’ll realize that there is a plan after all. The dots do connect.

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Rex Tillerson sworn-in as US Secretary of State

In his brief remarks, Rex Tillerson expressed thanks to Donald Trump for giving him the opportunity to be Secretary of State.

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America is filled with thousands of immigrants, many of whom made America ‘Great’

From Apple’s Steve Jobs and Google’s Sundar Pichai to Joseph Pulitzer – America is a land of immigrants

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Donald Trump trade strategy starts with quitting Asia pact -White House

Trump has criticized China’s trade practices and threatened to impose punitive tariffs on Chinese imports.

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Can the American press take on Donald Trump, the most powerful man on earth?

Donald Trump is waging a war with the American press. He’s confrontational, provocative, subversive and downright unapologetic. But on Wednesday, the US Press Corps. responded with a scathing letter, refusing to bend, break or bow.

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I tweet to ‘counteract dishonest media’, says Donald Trump

On Wednesday, two days before he is to be sworn-in as the 45th president of the United States, Trump posted a series of tweets blasting a major media outlet.

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Obama family to vacation in Palm Springs after inauguration

It’s a tradition for the outgoing president to fly out of Washington DC for the final time after being succeeded by a new president.

UN welcomes US decision to ease sanctions on Sudan

Barack Obama issued a decision cancelling two executive orders imposing economic sanctions on Sudan

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Dear Donald Trump, you are an illegitimate President-elect; you will be a less than legitimate President

Even after getting elected you haven’t stopped lengthening the already too long a screed of lies.