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Florida shooting: American Muslim leaders condemn Orlando terror attack

“This is a hate crime. Let me be clear, we have no tolerance for extremism of any kind,” Executive Director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations Nihad Awad said.

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Worst in US history: How the Orlando shooting unfolded

President Barack Obama called the shooting an ‘act of terror’ and an ‘act of hate’ targeting a place of ‘solidarity and empowerment’ for gays and lesbians. He urged Americans to decide whether this is the kind of ‘country we want to be.’

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US: 3 heavily armed men arrested on way to LA gay pride parade

Officials says this incident had no connections with the Florida massacre.

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US has moved ahead of India in its enmity with Pakistan: Hafiz Saeed

Hafiz Saeed said the US’ target is Pakistan’s nuclear programme, and the US wants to damage it with the help of Israel and India.

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US President Barack Obama approves broader role for US forces in Afghanistan against Taliban

The US military was previously allowed to take action against the Taliban “in extremis” – moments when their assistance was needed to prevent a significant Afghan military setback.

White House: India a ‘major defence partner’ for United States

The White House said that the meeting between President Obama and Prime Minister Modi resulted in progress on finalising some key defence agreements between the two countries.

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US House Speaker Paul Ryan rolls out election-year policy agenda

Paul Ryan expects the agenda to act as a a way to offer voters a coherent policy message for 2017.

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Donald Trump’s rhetoric ‘hateful, very prejudicial’: Hillary Clinton

Clinton kicked off a long day of California campaigning at Los Angeles Mission College in Sylmar, where she addressed a largely Asian and Latino crowd.

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Want PM Narendra Modi’s trip to be successful: US

PM Narendra Modi will kick off a 5 day nation tour next week and will also be the the fifth Indian Prime Minister to address a joint meeting of congress.

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US House approves move to bolster defence ties with India

US to make India at par with other NATO allies in terms of sale of defence equipment and technology transfer.

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India is ready for entry into elite Nuclear Suppliers Group, says US

Meanwhile, China defended its move to block India’s entry into the NSG

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India, US to hold talks on hike in working visa fee

“The government of India looks forward to the consultations with the US at the WTO, scheduled for May 11-12,” the commerce ministry said in a statement.

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Donald Trump backtracks: Won’t allow taxes to be increased on middle class

Trump, a billionaire real estate developer, said on Monday that lowering taxes on the middle class and businesses was his priority.

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Donald Trump’s economic policies are reckless, most risky: Clinton

In an interview to CNN earlier in the day, Trump claimed that his policies would reduce the taxes.

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Donald Trump says no need for Republican unity

A growing chorus of senior Republican leaders have joined the “anyone but Trump movement”.