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UN body alarmed by attack on Rohingya refugees in Sri Lanka

In a statement, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees said it is “alarmed and concerned” by Tuesday’s incident and urged the “public and all those concerned with refugees to continue extending protection and to show empathy for civilians fleeing persecution and violence.”

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Losing home

Global refugee figures are at a record high, resulting from conflicts still to be resolved.

At least 824,000 displaced by Ukraine conflict: UN

Around 95 per cent of the displaced people are from conflict-torn eastern Ukraine.

At least half a million displaced by Ukraine conflict: UN

On August 20, UNHCR put the number of people displaced inside Ukraine at 190,000.

United Nations says Syria refugees top 3 million mark

Almost half of all Syrians have been forced to abandon their homes since the conflict began in March 2011.

UNHCR condemns Lanka sending back Pakistani asylum seekers

At least 157 asylum seekers, including 84 Pakistanis, 71 Afghans and 2 Iranians remained under Sri Lankan detention, according to UNHCR.

Briefly World: 2,200 Syrian families flee to Lebanon in five days

UN refugee agency says 2,200 Syrian families have fled from the latest clashes in their country.

Egypt should stop deporting Syrian refugees: Amnesty International

Most refugees lost their homes and livelihoods when they fled Syria.

UN reports sudden wave of Syrians fleeing to Kurdish region of Iraq

The ‘sudden,massive movement’ has baffled the international watchdog.

As unrest rages,entire villages head out

Un Panel Report: 17,000 refugees in Turkey,16,000 in Lebanon,about 8,000 in Jordan

Witnesses say ship with 600 sank near Libya: UNHCR

Witnesses who departed on another boat reported seeing the ship broken apart and bodies floating.

UNHCR concern as Australia detains asylum-seekers

The UN refugee agency expressed concern that Australia is using holding newly arrived asylum-seekers in detention centers.