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Facebook in talks with MLB to live stream one game per week

Facebook Inc is in talks with Major League Baseball to live stream one game per week during the upcoming season.

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Twitter won’t notify about replies from users you’ve blocked, muted

Twitter is working faster than ever to tackle online harassment on its platform. It is planning to announce a couple of more changes in the coming weeks.


Twitter rolls back new tool to curb online harassment

Lists on Twitter is a curated group of Twitter accounts. On a list timeline, users only see a stream of Tweets from the accounts on that list.

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Twitter launches Valentine’s Day #LoveHappens stickers

Twitter has launched special Valentine’s Day #LoveHappens stickers that represent various symbols of love for people to express their emotions in a fun way.

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Snap user growth slowdown draws unwelcome comparisons to Twitter

Snap Inc. has gone to great lengths to distance itself from comparisons to Twitter Inc by drawing differences on measuring daily active users, content and areas of focus

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Twitter’s Q4 results well below expectations; paint grim picture

Twitter desultory earnings report on Thursday show a company with no evident path to profitability,

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Microsoft lawsuit against secret government searches moves ahead

Microsoft’s lawsuit against the US government moves ahead after federal law refuses tech companies to notify its customers when the government demands their electronic data.

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Twitter introduces ‘safe search’ and other features to take on online abuse

Twitter says it is working to identify and collapse potentially abusive and low-quality replies.

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Twitter broadens its campaign against hate and abuse

Twitter has been under fire for failing to address hate and abuse on the site since its founding a decade ago.

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Twitter takes more steps to clamp down abuse and hate

Twitter is also singling out and collapsing potentially abusive and “low-quality” replies so only the most relevant conversations surface.

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Twitter beta for Android adds support for keyboard GIFs

Twitter has rolled out a new version that lets Android users directly upload GIFs via keyboards on to its platform.

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Technology firms to urge Trump to alter US travel ban

Several technology companies plan to send a letter to US President Donald Trump on Monday urging his administration to amend the 90 day travel ban

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Twitter donates $1.59 million to ACLU to fight Trump’s executive order

Apart from Twitter’s donations, ACLU has raised over $24 million within a few days, six-times more than it did in entirety of 2016.

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Twitter will roll out updates to tackle online harassment

For Twitter, which has long been criticised as a hotbed for online harassment, the updates are expected to bring down the number of such cases.

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FBI request for Twitter account data may have overstepped legal guidelines

The FBI appeared to go beyond the scope of existing legal guidance in seeking certain kinds of internet records from Twitter.