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Twitter can help track public health: Study

Your tweets may reveal if you are sick, according to scientists who have found that monitoring social media trends can help doctors quickly identify a rise of influenza, depression or other health issues in a specific area.

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Saudi top prosecutor summons Twitter users for harming public order

Saudi Arabia has stepped up efforts to muffle political dissent in recent years, using tough new cybercrime laws to sentence offenders to prison terms for online posts deemed insulting to rulers or threatening to public order. The Quran and the Sunna, or sayings of the prophet, are the country’s constitution.

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Twitter can help in forecasting crime, shows new study

Microblogging site Twitter, which is open and accessible to anyone, can be used to help predict people engaged in criminal activity, a study has found.

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Twitter kills 90,000 fake accounts promising online sex

After a US-based digital security company alerted Twitter about a massive botnet campaign promising online sex to its users, the micro-blogging website has removed nearly 90,000 such fake accounts. Dubbed as ‘SIREN’, the fake botnet campaign was discovered by ZeroFOX.

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Twitter rated best platform for B2B marketing: Pulp Strategy

According to the report by digital communications and technology agency Pulp Strategy, Twitter leads the charts when it comes to B2B marketing, garnering 47 per cent marketer acceptance in the non-conventional B2B channel distribution segment.

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Twitter helping Indian brands reach global stage, says company’s India Director

There is more to Twitter than nasty exchanges and abusive trolls e it is steadily emerging as a key social media platform for Indian businesses, helping them establish themselves on the global map. With its young population, India offers great potential for Twitter.

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Facebook, Twitter, Snap said to seek World Cup clips from Fox

Facebook Inc., Twitter Inc. and Snap Inc. are seeking online rights to video highlights from next year’s World Cup, soccer’s most popular tournament. Facebook and Twitter hosted very little video during the last World Cup, which aired on Walt Disney Co.’s ESPN in the US.

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Twitter records over 1 million conversations on GST

Conversations on the platform peaked at 12:30 AM on July 1 with 1,100 tweets per minute. The top hashtags around the conversation included GSTCouncil, GSTIndia, GST@GoI, GSTRate, GST, GST, GSTsimplified, IndiaforGST, askGST, GSTForCommonMan, HalfCookedGST and HalfBakedGST.

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Twitter’s #TweeSurfing campaign in India wants to educate people on tweeting safely

Twitter has announced a new public education for India called #TweeSurfing, which is a public education initiative with online resources and offline workshops planned. Twitter is partnering with the Delhi-based Centre for Social Research (CSR) to tackle the issue of online safety,

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Twitter can detect riots faster than police: study

The system, developed by researchers at Cardiff University in the UK, could also discern information about where the riots were rumoured to take place and where groups of youths were gathering

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Twitter launches blue umbrella emoji for Indian monsoon

Twitter’s bright blue umbrella will appear when people tweet using hashtags #Monsoon2017, #Monsoon, #IndiaRains, #Baarish, #MumbaiRains, #DelhiRains, #BengaluruRains #HyderabadRains, #ChennaiRains and #AhmedabadRains. Twitter recently revamped its app for desktop, Android and iOS.

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Amazon’s Jeff Bezos turns to Twitter for philanthropy ideas

Jeff Bezos made a fortune selling stuff online to American consumers. Now he’s turning to the masses for ideas on how to give some of it back. Amazon’s founder tweeted a plea for ideas from anyone on how to spur immediate change through charity work.

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Twitter unveils new look, which users quickly mock

Twitter users immediately responded by tweeting jokes and memes critical of the changes. There were almost 30,000 tweets about the new user interface, or UI, within hours of the change, the vast majority of them either complaining about the new look or mocking it.

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Twitter for desktop, Android and iOS redesigned: A look at the changes

Twitter has unveiled a new look for its core app on desktop, Android, and iOS as well as TweetDeck and Twitter Lite. Twitter is now lighter, faster, and easier to use. Twitter says the changes have been made on the basis of feedback and ideas from the users.

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Soon, new tool to tackle Twitter bots spreading fake news

Scientists are developing a new computer tool that can detect Twitter bots which create and spread false information, an advance that may help counter the growing menace of fake news. However on Twitter accounts are run by bots which conduct seemingly real activity.