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Twitter to curb violence, sexual abuse with new plans

After Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced plans to act more aggressively on violence and sexual abuse, the micro-blogging website has now detailed new rules it will implement soon.

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Twitter vows new crackdown on hateful, abusive tweets

Twitter vowed to crack down further on hate speech and sexual harassment, days after CEO Jack Dorsey said in a tweet-storm that the company was “still” not doing enough to protect its users.

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Twitter, Instagram promoting anorexia-like eating disorders: Study

Twitter and Instagram posts are increasingly celebrating “bonespiration” and “thinspiration”, which encourage eating disorders, such as anorexia, a study has found.

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Tone of tweets combined with betting practices can predict football match results: Study

The tone of Twitter posts can help predict the result of football matches when combined with betting market prices, a study has found.

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Twitter turns over ‘handles’ of 201 Russia-linked accounts

Twitter has handed over to Senate investigators the profile names, or “handles,” of 201 accounts linked to Russian attempts at influencing the 2016 presidential election.

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Rose McGowan-sparked protest has forced Twitter to set new safety rules

In the backdrop of protest, #WomenBoycottTwitter, sparked by actor Rose McGowan, Twitter has decided to roll out new safety rules in the “next few weeks”.

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Twitter turns over ‘handles’ of 201 Russia-linked accounts

Twitter is set to appear November 1 before the Senate intelligence committee at a public hearing. Both Facebook and Google have been invited to testify at the same hearing.

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Twitter had 1,600 Russia-controlled bots commenting on the US elections

Bloomberg was told that there was a group of 1,600 bots tweeting extremist right-wing posts during the US elections.

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Twitter brings In-Stream Video Ads to Indian marketers

Twitter on Thursday launched “In-Stream Video Ads” to marketers in India.

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Facebook, Twitter to face a fine if cyberbullying in the UK not tackled

Social-media giants such as Facebook Inc and Twitter Inc will have to reveal the scale of cyber bullying in the UK and face being made to pay the cost of dealing with it.

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Twitter launches ‘Happening Now’ feature to show platform tweets for new users

Twitter has launched a new feature called “Happening Now” that will showcase newcomers on its platform tweets about events.

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Twitter working on new bookmarking tool, #SaveForLater

Micro-blogging site Twitter has announced that it is developing a bookmarking feature to save tweets.

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Facebook, Twitter to testify before US Congress, Google mum

Facebook and Twitter will appear before US Congress to testify into Russian interference during the 2016 US presidential election while Google was yet to confirm.

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Why commuters’ complaints to Railways on Twitter may have been ignored

Some of the handles assigned the task of looking into complaints have been inactive for over a year. Some handles have no response and, in one, there is a “personal tweet”.

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Las Vegas shooting: Google, Facebook, Twitter failed to curb fake news

Technology giants Google, Facebook and Twitter failed miserably to stop publishing fake news related to Las Vegas massacre in which at least 59 people died and over 400 injured, media reported on Tuesday.