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Kurd referendum: Turkey plans security steps over Iraqi Kurdish vote

Turkey, home to the largest Kurdish population in the region and fighting a Kurdish insurgency on its soil, has warned that any break-up of neighbouring Iraq or Syria could lead to a global conflict.

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Iraqi Kurdish referendum to trigger new crises, says Turkish official

Erbil must immediately refrain from this terrible mistake which will trigger new crises in the region,” Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan’s spokesman Ibrahim Kalin wrote on Twitter.

Kurd referendum: Turkey warns of global conflict if Iraq or Syria break up

Turkish troops dug in on the southern border on Tuesday and turned their weapons towards Kurdish-run northern Iraq.

Kurd referendum: Turkish tanks drill on Iraqi border week before Kurdish vote

In Turkey, around 100 military vehicles, mostly tanks, took part in the drill near the Habur border gate, a crossing point into Iraq, the private Dogan news agency said. Vehicles carrying missiles and howitzers also participated.

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Armenian genocide controversy: Turkey summons German ambassador as tensions mount

Turkey, which says the killings of Christian Armenians during the First World War do not amount to genocide, already recalled its ambassador to Germany after parliament passed the resolution last year.

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Turkish army conducts military drill at Iraqi border, says army statement

With the largest Kurdish population in the region, Turkey also fears that a “Yes” vote would fuel separatism in its southeast, where militants of the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) have waged an insurgency for three decades.

Kurd referendum: Turkey’s Erdogan to discuss northern Iraq vote with PM Haider al-Abadi

With the largest Kurdish population in the region, Turkey also fears that a “Yes” vote would fuel separatism in its southeast, where the outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) militants have waged an insurgency for three decades.

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Turkey releases French journalist detained on Iraqi border

Turkey released French journalist Loup Bureau who was seized by Turkish border guards on the Iraqi border last month, Bureau was found to have photographs and interviews with Kurdish militia fighters among his possessions.

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Turkey defends deal with Russia, says ‘will take its own security measures’

Turkey’s President Tayyip Erdogan dismissed Western concerns over its deal to procure an S-400 air missile defence system from Russia saying the country will continue to take its own security measures.

Turkey urges Iraqi Kurds to call off referendum on independence

Turkey -which has a large Kurdih population and is battling Kurdish rebels -has close ties with Iraq’s autonomous region but is strongly opposed to an independent Kurdish state.

Syria conflict, war in Syria, Kurdish militants in Syria, Turkey and Syria war, International news, world news, Turkey and kurdish militants

Turkey kills 99 Kurdish militants in latest operations, says military

The outlawed Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK), considered a terrorist organisation by the United States, Turkey and the European Union, has waged a more than three-decade insurgency against the state.

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Germany warns citizens against Turkey travel after spate of arrests of German nationals

The advice falls short of a formal travel warning, issued for war-afflicted countries like Afghanistan, Iraq or Yemen, which would make obtaining travel insurance harder.

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Turkey accuses German leaders of fueling racism

Ibrahim Kalin, a top Turkish official criticized comments on Turkey by both the German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Martin Schulz. He tweeted that attacking Turkey and President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is a diversion from more urgent problems, such as a surge in discrimination.

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Turkey should not become European Union member: German Chancellor Angela Merkel

Angela Merkel argued that the cease of the accession talks with Turkey can only be decided in the concert of the EU states. “Such a step must be well considered,” said the German chancellor.

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Several wounded after blast hits bus in Turkey’s Izmir

Turkey blast: Photographs he posted on social media showed its windows blown out and its windscreen shattered. The force of the blast appeared to have blown out some of the bus’s panels, and the nearby street was littered with debris.