Triple Talaq

A five-judge Constitution bench of the Supreme Court ruled that the practice of instant triple talaq is unconstitutional and against the teachings of Islam. The bench headed by Chief Justice of India, Justice J S Khehar ruled against the practise by a majority of 3:2. The bench began hearing a clutch of petitions challenging the constitutional validity of the practice of 'instant triple talaq' or talaq-e-bidat among Muslims in May 2017. It had said it would first determine if the practice is fundamental to Islam. Besides seeking a ban on instant triple talaq, the seven petitioners that comprise five Muslim women had also moved the apex court over the practice of nikah halala and polygamy in the community. Many Islamic nations, including Pakistan, Afghanistan, Egypt and Iran, do not recognise the husband's right to unilaterally divorce through triple talaq.
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Instant talaq verdict illegal, says minister

“The Supreme Court verdict is unconstitutional and we will not abide by it. Our central committee will meet in Delhi today to decide our future course of action on this,” said Siddiqullah Chowdhury.

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Understanding context of SC ruling on triple talaq: Divorce rate of Muslim women is thrice that of men

Among Muslim women, the largest percentage of divorces take place in the age group 20-34 (43.9%), in which only 24% of the total Muslim female population lies.

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Triple talaq not acceptable form of behaviour between man and woman: Salman Khurshid

Elaborating further, Salman Khurshid said it was rather self-destructive to say that “everything which is negative should be put at the door of colonialism in our country”.

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Women hail Supreme Court verdict on ‘triple talaq’

In a path-breaking verdict, the apex court on Tuesday banned the 1,400-year-old practice of instant ‘triple talaq’ among Sunni Muslims and set it aside on several grounds including that it was against basic tenets of Holy Quran and violated Shariat.

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Mohammad Kaif trolled AGAIN after welcoming Supreme Court’s ‘triple talaq’ verdict

Recently, the Supreme Court took a much welcome verdict to ban the practice of ‘triple talaq’ for six months until a permanent law comes into force. Appreciating the much-needed move, Mohammad Kaif took to social media to voice his opinion in a tweet.

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Triple talaq verdict to ensure Muslim women’s right, equality: Ficci Ladies Organisation

She said in a statement that this is a commendable step towards Muslim women’s right and equality. She added that the government must now ensure that the judgement is enforced as a law as soon as possible.

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TMC MLA Siddiqullah Chowdhury describes SC verdict on instant triple talaq as ‘unconstitutional’

Chowdhury also informed that if needed then his organisation will organise meetings and rallies in Kolkata to create a mass awareness on this. However he said that there should be no misuse of triple talaq.

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Two other existing ‘talaq’ a challenge to gender justice, says former Union Minister P Chidambaram

Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram said ‘triple talaq’ was a distortion of original Quranic legal principles and it was good that it has been declared unconstitutional by the SC. He lauded the SC judgement as an affirmation towards gender equality.

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What is Shah Bano case?

The case of Mohd. Ahmad Khan vs. Shah Bano Begum & Ors. also called the Shah Bano case is seen as one of the milestones in Muslim women’s fight for rights in India and the battle against the set Muslim personal law. It laid the ground for thousands of women to make legitimate claims which they were not allowed before.

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Triple talaq verdict: From decoding the judgment to why it is just a small step; five stories you must read

The centuries old practice of triple talaq was set aside by the Supreme Court in a landmark 3-2 verdict on Tuesday, in which the majority agreed that the practice was un-Islamic and “arbitrary”. The triple talaq verdict saw three different judgments from the five-member constitutional bench which heard a clutch of petitions by Muslim women […]

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Supreme Court verdict on triple talaq: For army of activists, Muslim organisations, a sense of relief

“There is not a single person in the community who is not happy today,” Inamdar said as she narrated cases where triple talaq was given to a woman via WhatsApp or an SMS.

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Triple Talaq Verdict: ‘There is hope now, many will get courage to fight’

For Habiba, the eight years of her marriage with Haroon was seeped in agony. “I have suffered mental and physical abuse from my in-laws. My mother-in-law left no stone unturned to make my life a living hell by provoking my husband to chastise me.”

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Siddiqua, D/o Shah Bano: Verdict will help illiterate women living in fear’

“I am for the Supreme Court judgment in the sense that it will help illiterate women who are constantly under pressure and live in fear [of talaq],” said Siddiqua who does not, however, welcome the judgment forthright

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Past talaq cases recalled by SC

SC judgment refers to several cases and court rulings

The Judgment: ‘By a majority of 3:2, the practice of triple talaq is set aside’

Excerpts from the Supreme Court judgment striking down talaq-e-biddat, and where the five-judge bench differed