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Tom Hanks and Ryan Gosling slam Harvey Weinstein

Tom Hanks and Ryan Gosling are the latest Hollywood A-listers to join the brigade condemning Harvey Weinstein on multiple allegations of sexual misconduct against the media mogul. On October 10, The New Yorker published a detailed report highlighting rape allegations against Weinstein by three women.

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Tom Hanks to star in A Man Called Ove remake

Tom Hanks is all set to star in the remake of Swedish film A Man Called Ove’s remake. That film itself was an adaptation of 2012 Swedish novel of the same name. The 61-year-old Hanks will also serve as a producer.

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Actor Dwayne Johnson: I look up to Tom Hanks with great respect

Dwayne Johnson the Baywatch star officially announced he would run for US President in 2020 and chose Tom Hanks as his running partner. The 45-year-old actor took to Instagram where he posted a picture with the Bridge of Spies star and wrote that he respects him for his work ethic and kindness.

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Steven Spielberg’s film on Pentagon Papers, The Post to release in December

Steven Spielberg’s Pentagon Papers drama, The Post starring Tom Hanks and Meryl Streep will open to a limited release on December 22.

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Tom Hanks likes to take risks with his movie projects

Tom Hanks said he thinks putting his faith in risky movie projects pays off.

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Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres to receive Presidential Medal of Freedom

Tom Hanks, Ellen DeGeneres among 21 winners of Presidential Medal of Freedom. The presentation of the 2016 ‘Presidential Medal of Freedom’ awards will take place on November 22.

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Irrfan Khan walks red carpet with Tom Hanks for Inferno in Singapore

Internationally-acclaimed Indian actor Irrfan Khan brought a ‘desi’ flavour while walking the red carpet Oscar-winning star Tom Hanks.

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Irrfan Khan reunites with Tom Hanks for Inferno promotions

Irrfan Khan has reunited with Hollywood actor Tom Hanks for the promotion of their upcoming movie Inferno.

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Becoming young dad stopped me from falling off wagon: Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks believes becoming a young father prevented him from getting hooked on alcohol and dabbling in drugs.

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Tom Hanks recalls his lonely childhood

Tom Hanks may be an internationally known and much-loved actor, but he says he had a lonely childhood.

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Acting is the greatest gig in world: Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks thinks he has the “greatest gig in the world” because he loves acting.

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I had a crush on Tom Hanks: Charlize Theron

“Mad Max: Fury Road” actress Charlize Theron has revealed she had a childhood crush on Hollywood star Tom Hanks.

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Tom Hanks named America’s most popular movie star

Tom Hanks has been crowned America’s favorite movie star in a new online countdown.

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I’m just beguiled by Irrfan Khan’s magic eyes: Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks believes his “Inferno” co-star Irrfan Khan has a physicality which is very endearing.

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Tom Hanks owns over 50 typewriters

Tom Hanks has over 50 typewriters, which were made in the 1940s, and he loves using them to write his letters.