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Stephen King’s IT defeats Tom Cruise’s American Made at the weekend box office

‘IT’ grabbed $17.3 million this weekend domestically. ‘American Made’ was not far behind and accumulated $17.01 million. On the third spot is ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ which earned $17 million. ‘IT’ also had the highest opening for a horror film in the history of cinema at a massive $123 million.

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American Made movie review: Watch it for Tom Cruise

American Made movie review: In American Made, Barry Seal, played by Tom Cruise, is a hot-shot young pilot, who smuggles Cuban cigars on the side, sometime in the 1970s. The CIA spots him, hires him to take pictures of Central America’s Communist battlefields, flying really low and really risky.

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Tom Cruise injured during Mission Impossible 6 shooting

Tom Cruise was injured during a stunt sequence on the sets of Mission: Impossible 6. The 55-year-old action star suffered the injury when heat tempted a jump between two buildings but fell short of the mark. The film will arrive in cinemas on July 27, 2018.

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Tom Cruise starrer American Made in legal predicament

The producers of American Made, starring Tom Cruise producers are being sued by the families of two men who died in a September 2015 plane crash on the film’s set. The twin-engine Piper Smith Aerostar 600 had gone down in the mountains during filming, and two people had died.

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Tom Cruise’s Top Gun sequel to release in July 2019

33 years after it was released, the film which catapulted Tom Cruise into the world of fame Top Gun, is now finally getting a sequel, called Top Gun: Maverick, slated to be released on July 12, 2019. Joseph Kosinski, who earlier worked with Cruise in Oblivion, is going to direct the film.

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Nicole Kidman opens up about her feelings after the split with Tom Cruise

Big Little Lies actor Nicole Kidman says she felt extremely out of place after she broke up with former husband Tom Cruise and added that she didn’t have anybody to celebrate her happiness with, she didn’t know who to jump in bed with and order pancakes with.

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The Mummy movie review: This Tom Cruise film takes a lesson from Bollywood

The Mummy movie review: What we are left with is our hero kicking up a lot of sound and fury, and sand, of course, with the promise of much more of the same to come. Not actively awful, but not a barrel of silly fun either.

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The Mummy actor Jake Johnson says he was initially hesitant about the movie

Jake Johnson was initially afraid to take the role of Tom Cruise’s friend in the upcoming release The Mummy because he was well aware of the fact that Cruise likes to do his own action sequences. The only reason for his acceptance was his wife’s interest in Tom Cruise’s life.

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American Made trailer: Tom Cruise plays a charming drug-running pilot, watch video

American Made trailer: Tom Cruise’s character is based on Barry Seal, a real life pilot who lost his job after he was caught smuggling plastic explosives from Miami to Mexico. He eventually landed himself a job with Colombian Medellin Cartel, smuggling cocaine between South and North America.

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Tom Cruise starrer Mission Impossible 6 is going to be real wild

The upcoming installment of Mission Impossible is going to be ‘crazy’ and ‘wild’, says the veteran actor Tom Cruise. He also shares that he has been training for the action scenes for a couple of months and some shots have already been taken from Paris.

The Mummy actor Tom Cruise: I am a total romantic

It has been 30 years since Tom Cruise set our hearts racing when he starred as a cocky Navy pilot in 1986 film Top Gun. His character Maverick was charming, confident and essentially everything that’s characteristic of Tom Cruise.

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Top Gun sequel: Tom Cruise set to return as ‘Maverick’, reveals the film’s title

Tom Cruise revealed that there indeed will be a sequel to Top Gun. Tom said that the sequel will be called Top Gun: Maverick. The original 1986 film saw Tom as a hotshot Navy pilot who gets an admission to Top Gun Naval Flying School and has some experiences that will change him as an individual.

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After Pirates of The Caribbean, Johnny Depp and Javier Bardem to play The Invisible Man and Frankenstein

Johnny Depp, Javier Bardem, Tom Cruise, Russell Crowe, Sofia Boutella in one frame is too much Hollywood swag.

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Tom Cruise confirms Top Gun 2: It’s definitely happening

Top Gun producer Jerry Bruckheimer hinted at the sequel last year when he posted a picture of him and Tom Cruise on his Twitter account.

Tom Cruise: The Mummy will be full of adventure

The new Mummy was full of adventure, and also very funny, we’re really playing with a lot of tones– which is good news for fans of the Brendan Fraser ones as said by Tom Cruise.