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Summer-friendly makeup tips to keep you on top of your game

Having a tough time keep your makeup intact in the summer heat? Here are some tips keep your skin glowing this summer season.

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Expert tips: How to manage ageing

Staying healthy and fit, eating right and spending a good amount of time with your friends and family could help manage your age.

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Bored of saris, anarkalis on special occasions? Innovate your ethnic look

Bored of the monotony of saris and anarkalis? Create your own styles by following these simple tips from Designer Divya Gupta.

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Use scarves, braid up to protect hair in summer

An expert shares some essential tips for hair care during summer.

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Dos and don’ts for weight gain for skinny people

Keep these tips in mind if you are a skinny person trying to gain weight.

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Do you have a pet? Here are some tips to help them deal with India’s harsh summers

The summers are a tough time not only for us, but our pets as well. Here are some dos and don’ts for caring for animals in this hot season.

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Tips on how to shop for handbags online

An expert bag designer tells you what to look out for when shopping for bags online.

Working It Out: 7 things to remember before you start-up

A start-up is not just about breaking even, it is more about breaking the odds.

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20 essential tips to prevent, and treat, excessive hair loss

Here are 20 tips and tricks to make sure your long locks, stay just that.