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Viewers of illicit content will also be controlled by Thailand monarchy

Thailand has a technology crime suppression police division, which handles inappropriate content and computer crimes that are insulting to the monarchy.

Thailand: 11 staff members of elementary school die in car accident

Eleven staff from a Bangkok elementary school were killed when their people carrier flipped over and caught on fire after a tyre burst

Thai authorities say they have enough evidence against Tiger temple’s abbot

The authorities say that all the tiger farms in the country will be thoroughly investigated

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Thailand’s new constitution draft unveiled to public at auspicious time

Critics say the charter reserves too much power for the military that toppled an elected government and suspended democracy with its May 2014 coup.

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Thai ex-premier says ruling junta seeks ‘backward democracy’

Thaksin said any elections held under the new constitution will deny the will of the majority of the people.

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Bangkok: Boat engine explodes, injures 65 passengers

The explosion occurred as the boat reached the Wat Thepleela Pier, in one of the capital’s working-class neighborhoods, causing panic that prompted several passengers to jump to the pier or into the water for safety.

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Wreckage found in Thailand unlikely to be of missing Malaysian jet MH370

A large piece of curved metal washed ashore in Nakhon Si Thammarat province, Tanyapat Patthikongpan, head of Pak Phanang district, said.

Two Myanmar men sentenced to death for murder of British backpackers in Thailand

Brother of victim says justice has been served, but verdict and sentence follow allegations of police incompetence

Russian security agency warns Thailand of IS threat

National police deputy spokesman Col. Songpol Wattanachai confirmed the authenticity of a leaked police memo mentioning the intelligence warning. He told reporters that the information has not been verified.

‘Mobile phone lane’ separates non-users in Thailand university

“Mobile phone lane” will help speeding university students avoid getting bumped into smartphone users on their way to class.

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‘Let’s break up,’ Thai lottery winner texts wife, who sues

The couple, who were living together at the time, cashed the winnings together at a local bank and deposited the money in the man’s account

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Thailand’s ousted PM Yingluck Shinawatra files case against public prosecutor

Yingluck filed a criminal case at the court to counter-sue Thailand’s AG over the handling of her prosecution in connection with a subsidy scheme for rice farmers, which ran up huge losses.

Watch: Thailand navy cadets forced to smash phones for violating school rule

Teachers at the school came up with an “honor system” whereby those who break the rule “destroy their phones voluntarily.”

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Bangkok bombing: Thai police seek 10th suspect in deadly blast

Authorities will seek an arrest warrant soon for a man who shared an apartment with a suspect who was arrested a week ago when a police raid found bomb-making materials in his room.

Thailand detains photographer for carrying body armour

The photographer is being charged with possessing an illegal weapon, which carries a prison sentence of up to five years.