South Korea

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South Korea: Operation to lift sunken ferry suspended amid strong waves

The Sewol had sank off southwestern island of Jindo in April 2014.

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Heightened alert in South Korea following massive cyber attack carried out by North Korea

The South Korean police agency uncovered the hacking and worked with the companies and agencies affected to neutralise the malicious codes and prevent them from being used in a large-scale cyber attack.

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ACT exams cancelled in South Korea, Hong Kong over test materials leak

The incident marked the first known cancellation of the high-stakes exam for an entire country, according to ACT spokesman Ed Colby.

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South Korea sends military vessels to stop Chinese fishing boats

The Chinese fishermen are illegally harvesting expensive blue crabs from Seoul’s disputed sea boundary with North Korea

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No plans to discuss THAAD with US at defence ministers’ meet: South Korea

US Defense Secretary Ash Carter said that recent North Korean missile tests showed the need for improved missile defence even though the latest test launch on Tuesday was a failure.

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Tokyo : White smoke rises from an engine of a Korean Air jet as firefighters battle an apparent engine fire on the tarmac at Haneda Airport in Tokyo Friday, May 27, 2016 . All the passengers and crew were evacuated unharmed, Japanese media reported. AP/PTI(AP5_27_2016_000010B)

Passengers of Korean Air plane recall terrifying moment when an engine caught fire

If the plane had taken off several minutes earlier, we all would have died, said Hwang

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North Korea threatens South’s ships after sea border chase

South Korea’s navy on Friday morning fired five rounds of warning shots to chase away a North Korean military vessel and a fishing boat that briefly crossed into South Korea-controlled waters.

South Korean navy personnel on boats search passengers of the sunken ferry Sewol in the water off the southern coast near Jindo, south of Seoul. (AP)

South Korean navy fires warning shots to repel North Korean boats, no damage reported

Friday’s incident happened as North Korea is stepping up pressure on South Korea to accept its calls to resume talks after months of animosities triggered by its fourth nuclear test in January.

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North Korea capital gears up for congress; South fears nuclear test

The isolated North has conducted a series of weapons tests, including three failed launches of an intermediate-range missile, in the run-up to the Workers’ Party congress starting in Pyongyang on Friday.

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South Korea warns of citizens’ potential abduction by North

Twelve women working at the restaurant in the eastern Chinese city of Ningbo defected to the South with their manager last month.

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China, Russia urge US to drop South Korea missile defence proposal

Chinese President Xi Jinping said on Thursday that Beijing would not allow war and chaos to break out on the Korean peninsula.

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North Korea failed with second mid-range missile test: South Korea

A ministry official said the North had fired what was believed to be a Musudan missile, but it plunged back to earth seconds after launch.

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North Korea puts mid-range Musudan missile on standby

Seoul’s Defense Ministry says it has no such intelligence.

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One killed, eight others injured as South Korean passenger train derails in Yeosu

The train’s second engineer was hurt seriously and remains hospitalized, while seven passengers suffered minor injuries.

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N Korea missile launch fails in embarrassing setback for leader Kim Jong Un

The Defence Ministry said it wasn’t immediately known whether the missile fired today morning was a short-range or mid-range missile.