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VIDEO: Angry woman doc shouts at Union minister KJ Alphons after flight gets delayed at Imphal airport

“The body is lying there and it will degrade. I am a doctor, I know the body will degrade. It will smell, it is still at my home, I have to go,” says the woman in the video, while Union minister KJ Alphons tries to pacify her.

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When is Thanksgiving in 2017

For many, the occasion of Thanksgiving is a time for family reunions, shopping, merrymaking, feasts and family dinner. People take out time to spend special time to meet near and dear ones and thank them for their kindness. Every year, people all across the world celebrate Thanksgiving Day. Originated as the festival of harvest, on […]

officer shoots at robbers, cop shoots robbers holding son in other arm, cop shoots robber, cop video, viral video, Indian express news

VIDEO: Daredevil cop shoots two robbers dead while holding son in his arms

The officer told investigators that he shot at the men because he believed they would have opened fire first after he identified himself as a police officer. The robbers were later pronounced dead by paramedics.

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VIDEO: BAM! Bus blocks LIVE shoot of Georgia Dome implosion at just the WRONG time

A weather channel caught the perfect spot across the street to capture Georgia Dome implosion, and live-streamed the crowd for over 40 minutes. But, just at the crucial moment, everything went wrong.

train man uttar pradesh, uttar pradesh, train passed over man, man train, train runs over man, indian express, indian express news

VIDEO: A train runs over a man in UP, but he has a miraculous escape

On November 15 at the Deoria’s Bankata Railway Station in Uttar Pradesh, a man from Uttar Pradesh’s Deoria district defied death with his quick wit in a crucial situation.

sourav ganguly, harbhajan singh, sourav ganguly beta tweet, harbhajan singh picture family

Sourav Ganguly posts a good-humoured apology for calling Harbhajan Singh’s daughter ‘beta’

Sourav Ganguly sent his blessings and best wishes to Harbhajan Singh’s daughter. However, he mistakenly addressed her as ‘beta’. Realising his mistake later, he sent out an apology blaming the faux pas on ‘old age’. Now, where have we heard that before?!

Paris Hilton, Paris Hilton selfie claims, Paris Hilton claims to invent selfie, Twitter reactions,

Did Paris Hilton really ‘invent’ the selfie? Twitterati join forces to prove she did NOT

American businesswomen Paris Hilton’s tweet claiming to have invented the selfie before it became a trend has landed her in a soup. In response, Twitterati shared many vintage photographs of selfies taken long before Hilton was even born.

Indian army, Army Service Corps, Guinness Book of World Records, Tornadoes, social media, indian express, indian express news

Indian Army creates Guinness record with 58 personnel riding ONE motorbike

The group of 58 corps that was led by Major Bunny Sharma were dressed in tricolour on the vanguard, while the bike was steered by Subedar Rampal Yadav.

egg, egg price rise, egg price rise in india, chicken prices, egg chicken prices, indian express, indian express news

Netizens eggs-amine the ‘chicken and egg price situation’ on a non-serious note

The steady rise in the price of eggs over the past few weeks has created trouble for people. While many have expressed their anger on social media, several have gotten creative with puns and jokes to show their ‘pain’.

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VIDEO: Woman feeds dog GOL GAPPAS, and he LOVES it!

As much as many of us would stand in long lines for a good plate of streetside paani puris, how many would make the trip only to feed our pet? Well, this woman just did.

Odisha man breaks Guinness World Records, Guinness World Records, Indian breaking Guinness World Records, social media viral, Indian express, Indian express news

VIDEO: Odisha man creates Guinness record for MOST number of STRAWS held in the mouth

Manoj Kumar Maharana from Odisha created a new Guinness World Record by holding over 459 straws in his mouth. The record was last held by Simon Elmore, who held 400 straws in his mouth for over 10 seconds.

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Bringing the bro-code back? Barack Obama posts hilarious meme for Joe Biden’s birthday

Remember the time when Obama-Biden memes were a hit trend on the micro-blogging site? Well, former US president Barack Obama just added to the list with an adorable birthday meme for former vice president Joe Biden.

Harleen Mann, Harleen Mann viral photo, Harleen Mann police officer, Punjab police, Kainaat Arora, Kainaat Arora photos

The real story behind the viral photo of ‘Punjab Police officer Harleen Mann’

A photograph of a lady police officer wearing the name tag of Harleen Mann went viral on social media, with Netizens bowled over by the woman’s beauty were ready to ‘surrender’ and get ‘arrested’. However, there is much more to the photo than what meets the eye.

Farhan Akhtar, Sushil Kumar, Indian wrestler Sushil Kumar, Sushil Kumar gold medal, Bollywood director, singer Farhan Akhtar, Sushil Kumar Olympic medal, Farhan Akhtar Twitter, social media, indian express, indian express news

Farhan Akhtar’s tweet on Sushil Kumar’s gold medal leaves Twitterati divided

Farhan Akhtar’s tweet on wrestler Sushil Kumar winning the gold in the national wrestling championship without fighting has left Netizens divided. Here’s why.

OnePlus, OnePlus 5T, OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei, Carl Pei twitter, Carl Pei social media, social media, indian express, indian express news

OnePlus co-founder shares ‘request for free 5T smartphone’; inspired, Twitterati share their wish list too

Man emails OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei demanding a gift of OnePlus 5T as ‘natural right’ since his OnePlus One has ‘reboot problem’ and since he was the ‘first one to predict your success’