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Virender Sehwag’s Twitter post about his wife is absolute #relationshipgoals

From giving tips on how to strike the perfect balance between keeping the wife happy and still managing to have your share of fun to posting ‘mushy’ pictures online, Sehwag seems to be the go-to man for those who are wondering what’s the key to a woman’s heart.

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Emraan Hashmi makes a ‘Toilet-Ek Prem Katha’ reference on Twitter by sharing a funny photo

Well it seems, unlike the brooding characters that Emraan Hashmi plays on-screen, he is quite a sport when it comes to taking a joke or two upon himself on Twitter.

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VIDEO: This guy tried to scare a rat by a cat, what happened next has left Internet cracking up!

The hilarious video that is now going viral across social media platforms shows the man and his cat jumping and feeling the scene in fear! At the end of the nail-biting match, alas it’s 1 for rat and zero for the human-feline team.

Videos: Snakes inside toilets! Why you should look before you sit

Unwanted guests are always a nuisance, but if they’re slithery and slimy and sneaking into your toilet pot, then you have a HUGE problem!

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VIDEO: Phoebe Buffay telling you not to lose faith is the most inspiring thing you will watch today

Lisa Kudrow, who played the character Phoebe Buffay in the famous television sitcom F.R.I.E.N.D.S, was fired from a hit sitcom and it took her several auditions to land the role she is still remembered for.

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Delhi Traffic Police and Gurugram Police play blame game over traffic jam; Twitterati not amused

A Twitter user tagged both Gurugram Police and Delhi Traffic Police when complaining about being stuck in traffic on NH 48 in front of Ambience Mall. Rather than resolving the matter, this tweet triggered a blame game between the two on social media.

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Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal team up and Twitterati just can’t handle it

Fans all across the globe loved seeing Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal play together as partners and took to Twitter to share their excitement. While some said they have had been “waiting for it for 13 years”, others said that “they need more of this” in their lives.

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Video: Arun Jaitley forcefully reprimands man for asking him the Hindi term for ‘bullet train’

Arun Jaitley was unceremoniously interrupted during a speech by a man who asked him the Hindi term for ‘bullet trains’, and he wasn’t pleased at all!

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WATCH: This spoof of Badshah’s Mercy is a tight slap to trolls for slut-shaming women

Taking a dig at popular singer-rapper Badshah for the misogynistic lyrics of his songs, the singers have made a spoof video of his hit track Mercy. The clip also gives a fitting reply to trolls for slut-shaming women online.

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Kim Jong-un calls Donald Trump a ‘dotard’ and Twitterati lost their calm

After knowing the real moeaning of the world, people on Twitter found a new reason to troll Donald Trump. While many were baffled by the word, upon knowing what it means said it was “perfect”, others lauded Kim for knowing better English that Trump! 

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SHOCKING! Father asks doctor to pay for son’s TORN CLOTHES after surgery

A group of doctors and nurses was asked by kin of a patient to pay for “damaging the clothes” after he was rushed to Zhongnan Hospital in China’s Hubei Province. Later, the doctor paid him 1,000 yuan.

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‘Kylie Jenner is pregnant’: Twitterati create huge buzz to shed light on serious issues

Reality TV star Kylie Jenner is pregnant with a baby girl, and she is due in February. As soon as the news hit social media, a lot of Twitter users trolled Netizens for their interest in such mundane topics as compared to other important news as the earthquake in Mexico.

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Navratri 2017: 5 Bollywood songs to jazz up your Garba dance and Dandiya party

This Navratri, add zing to your celebrations with these 5 Bollywood songs. To save you the trouble of going all over the place looking for top tracks, we have curated a list for you. Add these to your Navratri playlist and groove to the songs

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Delhi and Gurugram Police played ‘blame game’ on Twitter amid chaotic traffic jam

People in Delhi were stuck in a huge traffic jam after heavy rains, and tweeted out to traffic officials for help. However, it led to a blame game between Delhi Traffic Police and Gurugram Police.

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VIDEO: MSNBC anchor’s foul-mouthed off-camera rant goes viral

The footage of MSNBC’s ‘Last Word’ anchor Lawrence O’Donnell’s angry meltdown from behind-the-scenes surfaced online and caught a lot of viewers off-guard. The host repeatedly called out the crew to fix the noises he was hearing in his earpiece in an 8-minute long video.