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Smartphone sales grew 3.9 per cent in Q1 2016, Oppo was the best performer: Gartner

Apple had its first double-digit decline with iPhone sales going down over 14 per cent year on year

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Mobile internet awareness and digital skills are intrinsically linked

Many Indians still face a number of barriers to owning and using mobile phones, including cost, network quality and coverage.

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Parents, stop using your smartphone at the dinner table!

Limits to use of technology during bonding time — like at the dinner table — should extend to parents too, children feel.


Smartphone APPs: Don’t click ‘yes’ for all permissions

With apps seeking more access to improve their focus on advertising content, users must be careful of the privacy intrusion they are allowing in the process.

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Have you heard of WhatsAppitis/Smartphone Pinky? If you’re texting on your phone a lot, you could even have it

More than six hours of texting on smartphones may lead to a bend in one’s little finger — called ‘Smartphone Pinky’.

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Smartphone could help detect air pollution

A low-cost and personalised nitrogen dioxide sensor could be incorporated into smartphones.

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Chatting app n-gage launched in India

n-gage allows users to keep their chats private through personalisation option. One can chat in up to 50 languages/

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Soon unlock your smartphone and apps with eyeprint instead of fingerprints

Eyeprint technology has nothing to do with retina scanning. The technology uses the front camera to scan the pattern of blood vesels on the white part of the eyes.

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Ericsson mobility report

70% of world will have smartphones by 2020, says Ericsson Mobility report

Ericsson says by 2020 80 percent of mobile data traffic will also be from smartphones.

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Now cameras on smartphone can spot eye cancer in children

The camera on our smartphones can detect eye cancer generally found in children under the age of five

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Smartphone full of photos: Flickr to iCloud, here are alternative cloud storage options

Yahoo’s Flickr and Apple’s iCloud Photo Library will automatically transfer photos and videos to your online account

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Chinese smarts: Big bang for fewer bucks, mid-range focus

For now, the biggest market share among these new entrants is that of Lenovo, the numbers driven up primarily by its acquisition of Motorola, which has at least two very popular budget smartphones in India.

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UC Berkeley engineers convert smartphone into microscope to detect parasite in blood

Researchers paired a smartphone with a 3D-printed plastic base where the sample of blood is positioned.

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XS Powercard Express Review: A power bank with storage that fits in your wallet

The XS powercard is practical and gives you some additional features at Rs 2,499

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New app lets you ‘unsend’ the text

RakEM eliminates ‘text regret’ by allowing users to delete the unwanted sent message from both devices.

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