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Now, detect fake Viagra with a smartphone app

LinkSquare looks like a portable smartphone battery and scans the pill to determine its authenticity.

New app measures parents’ stress, gives advice

The system, called ParentGuardian has shown to improve self-control in children and reduce parental stress.

New smartphone app alerts you if satellites are watching!

All the imaging satellites in SpyMeSat are in low-Earth orbit at an altitude of about 805 kilometres.

Now,app to let you swap leftovers with neighbours

‘LeftoverSwap’ app allows users to snap a photo of their uneaten food,add a description and post it.

Now,smartphone app that gives pollution alerts to beach-goers in UK

App gives swimmers and surfers real-time warnings about pollution incidents on beaches.

Now,smartphone app to find you a date?

Find a suitable date from within a chosen location via a smartphone app.

New smartphone app to help teens kick the butt

A Smartphone app that keeps teens from smoking and motivates them to quit habit.

Now,smartphone app to detect breast cancer early

Indian-origin student has developed a smartphone app for early detection of breast cancer.

Smartphone app developer Shazam gets $40 mn backing from tycoon Carlos Slim

Shazam is best known for helping music fans identify catchy songs.

New smartphone app records things that happened 5 mins ago

The app also syncs with social networks so audio clips can be easily uploaded onto Facebook.

Now,smartphones can control a live cockroach!

However,the process does involve removing one of the cockroach’s six legs.

Want to confess your sins? There’s an app for that

This new app lets people make confessions with the father with available on the other side.

WeChat now available in Nokia Asha smartphones

WeChat allows users to send voice messages over a mobile or data network.

Smartphone app to act as cheap disease-detecting device

Researchers have developed an app that can detect toxins,proteins,bacteria and viruses.

Raag Kirwani on Android

It is 9 am and Bangalore is engulfed in the drone of a workday traffic.