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Men consider sex best form of apology

The researchers found that showing emotional commitment is the best way of reconciling a conflict between romantic partners, but that there are systematic differences in how men and women prefer this to be put into practice.

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Let’s Talk: Women, sex and body image

A massive percentage of women are, to some degree, unsatisfied with their bodies. But, they really needn’t be.

Sexual desire lower in postmenopausal women with metabolic syndrome: Study

Waist size, diabetes and hypertension were additionally associated with decreased sexual activity and elevated triglycerides were linked to lower desire, revealed the study.

Women fake sexual pleasure to end ‘bad’ sex: Study

Women end unsatisfying and unwanted sexual experiences by faking orgasms, says a study.

Let’s Talk: Good news! You’re (probably) not a sex addict

Do we always think of sex? Is that wrong? Or are we just misconstruing a healthy and completely normal sexual appetite for something that it’s not?

Let’s Talk: Bigger is not always better – Myths around penis size

To really satisfy your partner, stop worrying about your penis size and focus on the basics of intimacy.

Stress may kill sex in first-time parents: Study

This research may assist parents, therapists and others to help new mothers and fathers better understand the strains of transition to parenthood.

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Too much sex could bring about a change in genitals shape: Study

Studies have shown that excessive sexual intercourse could lead to a change in the shape of genitals.

Let’s Talk: 3 reasons why women should masturbate more

Since May is International Masturbation Month, we explore why science says masturbation is good for women.

Feel good about your looks and enjoy super sex life: Study

According to the researchers, body image is strongly linked to overall life satisfaction and feelings about romantic relationships.

Eat less to boost your sex life: Study

According to an interesting study, eating less can not only help people lose weight, calorie restriction can improve mood and cut tension, leading to super sex drive.

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Let’s Talk: What does ‘being good in bed’ really mean?

When it comes to sex, and more importantly good sex, there is a lot more to keep in mind than penis size and Kama Sutra positions.

Low-calorie diet linked to sexual wellness

A low-calorie diet improved mood, reduced tension and improved general health and sexual drive and relationship after a period of two years.

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Hop into bed once a week for a healthy relationship

Some previous studies and self-help books, have claimed that more sex equals more happiness.

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Why more sex is better for your relationship

A study found that more often couples had sex, the more strongly they associated their partners with positive attributes.