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China group to salvage South Korea’s sunken ferry

South Korea formally approved plans to salvage the Sewol in April, after demands from the victims’ families who staged protests in the capital Seoul for months.

South Korea approve plans to salvage sunken ferry

Critics are skeptical that salvaging the ship will provide new revelations and find the missing.

South Korea ferry captain gets 36 years in prison; says didn’t know his action would lead to so many deaths

The widely vilified Lee could have received a death sentence for the homicide charges.

S. Korea police raid church in ferry owner search

Authorities believe the businessman, Yoo Byung-eun, owns the ship and that his alleged corruption may have contributed to the sinking.

South Korean ferry crew face hostile crowd, judges

As the crew members stood with bowed heads, families of the victims struggled to contain their fury.

S Korea premier demands seizure of ferry family head’s fortune

Prosecutors asked for a court-issued arrest warrant after billionaire businessman Yoo Byung-Eun failed to heed an official summons.

Search for missing ferry passengers put on hold

More than three weeks after the ferry sank, 29 passengers remain missing, 275 bodies recovered so far, most of them high school students.

Divers retrieve two more bodies in S Korea ferry disaster

Bodies were found late on Saturday in the inverted, submerged ship, bringing the confirmed death toll from the April 16 disaster to 275.

Will complete ferry search by Saturday: S Korean PM

15 crew members involved in the ferry’s navigation have been arrested, accused of negligence and failing to protect passengers.

South Korean diver dies in ferry search operation

Diver was unable to breathe by himself when he was brought to the surface, and his death was later confirmed at a hospital.

Nets reinforced around South Korean ferry to stop body drift

South Korean recovery workers strengthened a ring of netting around a sunken ferry to try to prevent corpses drifting away.

S. Korean President visits families of ferry victims

S. Korean President Park Geun met families of ferry victims for the second time as divers recovered two more bodies

South Korea ferry disaster: Sewol was severely overloaded on its last journey

Tracking data show the ship made a 45-degree turn around the time it began sinking.

South Korea ferry disaster: Recovery of bodies from ferry suspended

The operation to recover bodies from the ferry that sank off South Korea last month has been suspended due to heavy seas.

South Korea ferry disaster: Death toll reaches 212

Divers have recovered 212 bodies from the wreckage, but 90 passengers are still missing.