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Saudi issues drone restrictions following palace incident

Saudi Arabia issues drone restrictions following palace incident

Saudi Arabia has witnessed a series of radical political changes over the past year under the king’s son, Prince Mohammed bin Salman, who has spearheaded reforms to transform the economy and open the country culturally.

Saudi security forces shoot down drone near royal palace in Riyadh: report

A spokesman for the Riyadh police said forces at a checkpoint in the Khozama district identified the drone and “dealt with it according to their orders”, state news said without specifying if there were any injuries or damage.

Saudi residents could land in prison for spying on spouse’s phone

The punishment will apply to both men and women in the ultra-conservative Muslim kingdom, according to a statement late on Monday by the ministry of culture.

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India condemns missile attacks on Saudi Arabia

The missiles were fired at four targets, including the capital city of Riyadh, and all were intercepted and destroyed, said spokesman of the Saudi coalition forces

Saudi Arabia shoots down missiles from Yemen; one dead from debris

The attack marked the third time in five months that missiles have flown over Riyadh, as the Houthis step up efforts to demonstrate they can reach the Saudi capital, and threatened to escalate a regional rivalry between Iran and Saudi Arabia.

Pakistan Army Major killed in milliatnt encounter

Pakistan to send troops to Saudi Arabia on ‘training and advise mission’

Pakistan’s retired army chief, General Raheel Sharif, commands the new Saudi-led Islamic military alliance to fight terrorism, though it was not immediately clear whether the new troops would participate in that coalition.

Three held in Delhi for planning to kill UP Shia Waqf Board chairman

Shia board chief slams AIMPLB, calls it a ‘terror group’ branch

“Those so-called Muslims, who have the mindset of hardliners, are a threat to this country. Significant decisions regarding Muslims in India are being taken by terrorist organisations in Pakistan and Saudi Arabia,” said Wasim Rizvi, chairman of Uttar Pradesh Shia Central Waqf Board.

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Saudi women-only motorshow opens in Jeddah

In a decree issued in September, King Salman ordered by June an end to the ban on women drivers, a conservative tradition that has limited women’s mobility and been seen by rights activists as an emblem of their suppression.

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Saudi Arabia: No evidence shows it had a hand in 9/11 attack

Saudi Arabia urged a judge Thursday to reject a New York lawsuit seeking to hold it responsible in the September 11 attacks.

Russia remains China’s largest crude oil supplier for ninth month

For the first 11 months of the year, Russian supplies expanded 15.5 percent on the year to 54.77 million tonnes, or 1.2 million bpd, overtaking Saudi Arabia by 159,000 bpd.

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Made to work as slave in Saudi: Ludhiana woman in video

She claims she is not being given food and being made to work from 6 am to 10 pm. She further says her employers thrash her mercilessly on a daily basis. 

US strongly condemns ballistic missile attack over Riyadh

US strongly condemns attempted ballistic missile attack over Riyadh

The US calls on Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to stop arming and enabling the Houthis’ violent actions against Yemen’s neighbours, including Saudi Arabia, she said.

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It is not a battle of influence, this is an issue of Iran interfering in our internal affairs: Saudi Arabia envoy

The Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to India said, “The talks are going well. India and Saudi Arabia have close cooperation in fighting terrorism. It is a common threat to both the countries, to the region and the international community, and we are cooperating in the area”

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Saudi King Salman says determined to confront corruption

“We have decided, with God’s help, to confront it (corruption) with justice and decisiveness so that our country can enjoy the renaissance and development that every citizen aspires for.”

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Despite furore over Jerusalem move, Saudis seen on board with US peace efforts

The US-Saudi relationship has improved dramatically under Trump, partly because the leaders share a vision of confronting Riyadh’s arch-rival Iran more aggressively in the region.