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Fresh footage of 2013 San Francisco airliner crash emerges

A video has surfaced showing the 2013 crash of a commercial airliner on approach at San Francisco International Airport that killed three passengers and injured 200 other people. It was posted on YouTube by an unidentified viewer and verified by airport officials.

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400 more homes evacuated by growing fire near Utah ski town

More than 700 other people have been out of their homes since Saturday. Someone using a torch to burn weeds ignited the fire near the alpine community that is home to the Brian Head Resort and close to several national monuments and parks in Utah’s red rock country.

San Francisco shooting: UPS employee opens fire at co-workers, kills three

Amid a barrage of gunfire, some workers sought refuge on the roof of the four-story facility, while others ran outside and pounded on the windows of a public bus, witnesses said.

Elephant seal repeatedly tries to cross California highway, slows traffic

California Highway Patrol spokesman Officer Andrew Barclay says callers first reported the 500-pound (225-kilogram) mammal was trying to climb the divider wall of Highway 37 near Sears Point in Sonoma

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Man spends $20 found at San Francisco airport on lottery tickets, wins $1 million

The California Lottery said Sunday that Hubert Tang had not bought a lottery ticket in 10 years.

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Federal agent’s gun used in San Francisco pier slaying

San Francisco Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi has defended the release of Sanchez from jail and the city’s law requiring it to ignore ICE detainer requests.

US woman gets 16 years prison for fake university

A San Francisco woman has been sentenced to more than 16 years in prison for running a sham university.

Google I/O 2014 Video From Moscone West, San Francisco

The annual Google I/O developers conference has kicked off in San Francisco.

Facebook emotions are contagious: Study

The experiment is first to suggest that emotions expressed via social networks influence the moods of others.

Google’s mystery barge finds new home

Construction stopped on the project late last year.

Fried crab in San Fran Chinatown

Crab and San Francisco go together like sour and dough, and you can find it here in just about every incarnation

Bullet bounces off robbery victim’s face,kills mugger

One of the robbers pulled out a gun while the other robbers rifled through the victim’s pockets.

Korean war veteran reunited with family

Korean American who worked as a Christian missionary,was convicted by North Korea in May of crimes against the state.

E-cigarettes may cause smoking addiction in teens

E-cigarettes are battery-powered devices that look like cigarettes.

Obama cites Indian-American to push for immigration reform

After waiting for 12 long years to obtain a green card,Geetha Vallabhaneni is now living her dream.