Russia Ukraine Crisis

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Russia-Ukraine deal implementation possible by early 2017, says Obama adviser

Obama is set to leave office in January.

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Reaching Out To Kiev

How India can help solve the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

Disenchanted with Putin, some Russians vote with their feet

Minorities in Russia disagree with 90 percent of the country who support Putin’s political policies.

Obama meeting with European allies on Ukraine

Obama plans to meet with British Prime Minister David Cameron in Brussels.

UN Security Council holds crisis talks on Ukraine

It is the 10th time that the Security Council has met on Ukraine since pro-Western leaders rose to power in Kiev in February.

Crimea’s return to Russia leaves Tatars fearful of future

Stalin punished the Cremian Tatars, after WW II, by loading them into railway cattle cars to spend a life in exile.

Choice in Crimea

A dialogue between Moscow and Kiev is the best and only way out of the crisis